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12 Wines for Less Than $12


Thanks to Mike Papacek at PJ’s Wine & Spirits in Longmont for his help compiling this delicious bit of grape-infused goodness. At the time this list was compiled, Boulder Liquor Store, Gunbarrel Liquor Store or PJ’s offered any number of these wines for less than $12. Sale wines were avoided to ensure accuracy, but prices may vary by location.


1. Murphy Goode Cabernet Sauvignon
Murphy Goode’s smooth cabernet sauvignon sits on the lighter side for a cab and pairs well with steak, grilled meats and lamb.

2. TriVento Select Malbec
This malbec presents tasty red berry flavors and goes great with burgers and red meats.

3. Heron Pinot Noir
Heron’s beautifully balanced pinot noir offers just a hint of vanilla and oak that beg to be enjoyed, surprisingly, with heavy salads (think eggs, olives, mushrooms) and saucy duck, turkey or pork.

4. Duck Pond Syrah
This fruity syrah’s inky tannis goes great with saucy red meats, rich spices and dark chocolate.

5. Monte Antico Toscana
Balance the earthy cherry tastes of this primarily sangiovese Italian red with tomato sauces, pizza or Swiss steak.

6. Red Rock Reserve Merlot
Because this berry-filled merlot offers such perfect balance, it balances out dinner tables boasting everything from herbed meats to tomato sauces to heavy smoked cheeses.


7. Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc
This surprisingly delicious screw-top sauvignon blanc from Chile is crispy, but not too tart. Try it on with light fish, shellfish or chicken.

8. Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling
Pacific Rim’s sweet riesling’s summer fruit flavors balance splendidly with all foods spicy and savory, from curry to Caribbean.

9. Chateau Ste. Michelle Pinot Gris
With the slightly spicy pear undertones in Chateau Ste. Michelle’s pinot gris, shoot for scallops, oysters or buttery veggies.

10. Clos Du Bois Chardonnay
Fresh and fruity—think crisp apples on a hot day—this sunshiny chardonnay goes well with chicken, fish and light pasta dishes.

11. Domaine Uby Colombard Ugni Blanc
Think light salads, parmesan, garlic and honey when devouring this super-pure, citrusy colombard/ugni blanc combo.

12. Kris Pinot Grigio
Floral and spicy, this pinot grigio goes wonderfully with everything from roast veggies to risotto
to ricotta.

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