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Couponing Like Momma Couldn’t


At the start…
• Use manufacturer and store coupons (available in advertisements, inserts and online) when items are on sale for huge savings. Sign up for discount cards, not credit cards, to save even more.
• Sign up for couponing sites’ email alerts, but give basic profile information so you receive only relevant coupons.
• Set up email filters directing coupons to a designated inbox.
• Ask friends and family members to set aside coupons and inserts.
• Create a filing system and file spine up.

To simply save…
• Leave the kiddos at home; tired moms can only resist so many, “Mom can I have…but I need…if I’m good, I should get a…” fights. And experts say you’ll spend more time in-store and spend more if the kids tag along.
• Never shop with a credit card. Wait, find a cheap substitute or improvise until payday. Don’t ever pay interest on groceries.
• Consider longevity with inedible purchases. Quality, not quantity counts.
• Give gift certificates purchased online.
• Stop impulse shopping. Period. Wait a week or even 24 hour; if you can do without it, do.

When couponing kicks in…
• Spend a few hours couponing and planning when and where each shopping trip will take place. Create a grocery list and stick to it.
• Find motivation in sharing the experience with a spouse, child or friend.
• Put that “you saved 50 percent” money into a savings account after setting a grocery budget and savings goal.
• Take what you need and leave the rest for everyone else. Don’t stockpile.
• If you’re motivated, track your grocery spending and savings on Mint.com.
• If the on-sale product isn’t on the shelf, get a rain check until it’s restocked.