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The Bolder Life: Fraternizing Food Trucks


Love your local food trucks?

Wish they would all get together in one place to make it easier for you to compose a delicious meal concocted from each truck’s menu?

Then you need to skip the homemade meatloaf, frozen pizza or delivery dinner and visit Prospect Park every Monday night from 5:30-8:30 pm. Tasty offerings from Boulder County’s own: Comida, The Tasterie Truck, Fruta Juice, Rollin Greens, Top of the Hill Grill West and Seb’s Wood Fired Portable Cuisine are served with a hint of live music and the BYOB-everage of your choice.  

Plenty of picnic tables and benches are available for you to sit and enjoy your meal, and the grassy center of the park offers a great place for conversations between new and old friends, dogs of all shapes and sizes to meet and greet and a place where kids of all ages can bring their hula hoops, bicycles, appetites and sweet teeth.

“Monday Nights in Prospect Park” are expected to continue (weather permitting) through the end of September with occasional stops through the spring. You can keep up with these mobile meal makers by following them on facebook and Twitter for up-to-date menus and the heads-up on their upcoming truck stops.

Comida Food Truck
Comida offers a variety of authentic Latin cuisine with a twist of modern Comida magic.
Price Point: $3-$8
Things You’ll Find on The Menu: Marinated fish taco, pork taco, slow-cooked mushroom tostada, the Mexi-Mess, chorizo, onion and three cheese quesadillas, black beans, and rice and chips with Comida guacamole and/or salsa.

The Tasterie Truck
From cupcakes to croissants to cookies, The Tasterie Truck is baking everything from classic recipes to unique creations that are guaranteed to be the best dessert that you’ve ever purchased out of the window of a truck.
Price Point: $2-$3
Things You’ll Find on the Menu: Oatmeal bacon chocolate chip cookie, vanilla pomegranate cupcake, ham and cheese croissant, pumpkin and maple cream cheese whoopee pie and mini bunts.

Fruta Juice
Fresh, nutritious fruit smoothies that are made from exotic fruits from South America.
Price Point: $4
Things You’ll Find on the Menu:
The Puro Lulo, the Berry Monkey, the Islander, the Jungle Juice, the Monkey Time and plenty of fresh fruit and vitamins A, B, C, E & K.

Rollin Greens
Locally harvested products make up the majority of the Rollin Greens gourmet menu which offers a healthy and organic take on “street food”.
Price Point: $3-$10
Things You’ll Find on the Menu:
Jalapeno poppers, beet basil salad, hot tuna melt, bulgogi beef rice bowl with kim chi, chicken and tempeh crispy soft tacos and a pablano & cheddar stuffed burger.

Seb’s Portable Wood-Fired Cuisine
Wood-fired pizza without the restaurant wait!
Price Point: $7-$9
Things You’ll Find on the Menu:
Wood-fired pizzas topped with your choice of fresh mozzarella, homemade crème fraiche, goat cheese, fresh herbs, French brie, pesto sauce, fresh veggies, prosciutto, chicken, sausage and a mess of other delicious ingredients.

Top of the Hill Grill
Home-style barbeque. In Boulder County. That’s all you need to know.
Price Point: $0-$10
Things You’ll Find on the Menu:
Pulled pork, beef brisket, baby-back ribs, ½ chickens, fresh-cut fries, slaw and cornbread.




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