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The Bolder Life: A Room with a View


Every so often, you meet someone that you know you will most likely remember forever. I met such person last week, as I was browsing through the Aar River Gallery in old town Westminster—searching for the perfect image that captured everything that I love about Colorado’s picturesque scenery. Becky Enabnit-Silver is the artist behind much of work at the quaint gallery tucked into a quiet neighborhood location, just a stones-throw away from the popular Heavenly Cakes Bakery. I was instantly drawn to her work after I stumbled upon several watercolor paintings, currently being displayed in her gallery that captured all of the scenic beauty that our fare state has to offer. Beautiful paintings of autumnal Colorado landscapes, visions of envious sunsets…the nature-specific list goes on.

Luckily for me, I found my perfect painting. The title of the painting is “Rage and Beauty” and is a spot-on rendition of a classic day of indecisive weather coming together and providing a sheer cover over my beloved Flatirons.  The painting was already matted and framed in a shade of wood that blended perfectly with the layout of the office space that I ended up hanging it in. It’s a perfect fit. Although my office is far from its gallery home, I think my new painting is very happy. It’s greeted by streaks of sunshine and lots of “oohs” and “aahs” every day. At the Aar River Gallery, I found exactly what I was looking for.

And the fun didn’t stop there. After several  laps around the gallery space, (each one revealing a new gem that I had missed before),—I added a cutesy hand-crafted apron, a beautiful pair of earrings and a shiny, black bracelet that has already turned into my go-to accessory and received many compliments from envious jewelry aficionados. I also sifted through a wide variety of paintings, sans framing, for ridiculously reasonable pricing. Fortunately for me, my grandfather is a master craftsman, and has gifted me with a beautiful, hand-crafted frame, made with love, to house another beautiful watercolor of a “Sunrise at the Lake”. Or a gorgeous view of the notorious changing Aspen leafs in the high country. The gallery also has a selection of beautiful pottery, stained glass, tiles, hand-made purses and scarves and aromatherapy products.

Aar Gallery also offers monthly art classes and workshops so that you too can create pieces worthy of being hung in a gallery. (Call the studio directly or email Becky for pricing and to reserve your spot).    

So head to Westminster and stop by Aar River Gallery. Say hi to Becky, purchase some beautiful artwork, sign up for a class—and be sure to take notes. The holiday season is coming up and with reasonable pricing and gifts for just about everyone on your list, you’ll be happy you made the trip!

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