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The Bolder Life: Burgers, Beer & Falsettos


For decades, men all around the world have been trying their hardest and succeeding at avoiding places like the theater, the ballet, the dreaded opera house, and any venue that women recognize as a legitimate form of punishment for their significant other. Using every excuse in the book and resorting to lying in the most desperate of times, men have thought about everything to get them out of a suit and tie and back in the safety of their living room or local watering hole—drinking beer and watching sports in their comfortable sweat pants or jeans. But the days of dodging opera are officially done.

With the new addition of a nationwide organization dedicated to opera performances sweeping through restaurants and bars around the state, women no longer have to convince their best friend, mom, grandmom or lady co-workers to get dressed up and accompany them to get their opera fix.

Opera on Tap began in a dimly lit New York bar as an affordable and accessible way to bring opera to the people. Since their creation in 2005, Opera on Tap has gone on the create ten more chapters all over the United States, while gaining popularity as a not-for-profit by raising funds through ticket sales and donations to keep the music flowing. It is their belief that people are more likely to enjoy a good opera performance if they’re in a comfortable setting while taking in the show.

This past Sunday, Opera on Tap, in collaboration with Cabaret Otaku, brought opera to Boulder with an afternoon performance at in the Blues and Greens restaurant at Boulder Outlook Hotel. On a stage, tyically filled with jazz musicians and rockers, stood a group of young, talented performers hitting notes that send chills through the audience. A packed house full of intrigued viewers ordered dinner from a menu filled with sandwiches, burgers, salads and draft beer and watched as a combination of haunting vocals and unique characters, dressed in elaborate costumes told the story of “Dances with Death”, a story highlighting this spooky time of year.

With a good selection of beers on tap, a buffalo burger on the menu, no dress code and highlights of NFL football games shown during intermission, it’s no surprise that the audience was a healthy mix of women and men.

So now is the time ladies. Gone are the days of tricking your significant other into a date night at the opera. Click here for more information on Opera on Tap and for a list of upcoming shows, dress up in your favorite casual wear, and hit the town for a taste of burgers, beer and falsettos!

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