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The Bolder Life: Everybody Homebrews…


President Obama spoke on the CU Boulder campus on Sunday and made quite an impression on the large crowd that packed themselves together like sardines to hear some hopeful words about the future from the current president. Though Obama has obviously been making more headlines than usual lately, chalked up to the election season, he’s also making headlines for joining the 1,000,000 folks that are estimated to brew their own beer at home. In response to an online petition started on the whitehouse.gov website, the official recipes for two of Obama’s favorite homebrews were released. If there are there are three things you should know about the POTUS, it’s that he supports gay marriage, (which is awesome for my many friends that are truly waiting for equal rights), he’s really forgiving when people spill yogurt on his pants, and he really likes honey. Like, he really likes honey. Obama is putting honey from his wife’s White House garden in Brown Ales, Porters, and Blonde beers.

The word on the street is that although some people are skeptical about some of political promises Obama has made in his time, his homebrews really deliver. Even top U.S. Cicerones have deemed them tasty and avid homebrewers are busy scrambling to re-create the famous recipes.

The good news for us Boulder County folks is that we have a fantastic homebrew supply store right in our backyard.
The Hop to It! homebrew store has always been on my radar, but until my recent purchase of a homebrew kit from their shop, I haven’t really been inside. Now—like many other homebrewers, I’m addicted. While I wasn’t as well received or acknowledged in the store as my male counter-part homebrewers, I was still set up with a decent starter kit and sent on my merry way—encouraged to go forth and join the ranks of local homebrewers everywhere.

So whether you’re so inspired by the President’s homebrew antics, or simply looking to outdo his own personal homebrew, Hop to It! In Boulder is the place to go.

Here’s a print-out of the President’s recently released homebrews.

Print ‘em out. Take them by Hop to It! They’ll fix you up. You’ll be brewing like the President in no time.

C lick here for a link to the recipe and instructions for brewing up The White House Honey Brown, and The White House Honey Porter.

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