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The Bolder Life: Parading Lights


Thanksgiving is a thing of the past, which naturally means it’s time to focus on the next holiday. Time to put up Christmas lights, buy marshmallows for hot cocoa and battle the masses in your local shopping mall to find the perfect gifts for all of the loved ones in your life.


If done right, Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. Family, friends, food… I’m evening planning on getting a tree this year. With ornaments.  Maybe even some fake snow.

 I’m ready for Christmas. And nothing gets me in the Christmas mode more than a good ol’ annual Holiday parade. Who doesn’t love getting bundled up, seeing some ridiculously awesome holiday floats, (which are typically full of people throwing candy), judging if the parade Santa’s beard is real or fake and listening to some not-so-terrible renditions of your favorite holiday songs.

‘Tis the weekend for the holiday parades to commence. Check out the following parades in a city near you– and remember to not forget your gloves, the lid to the hot cocoa thermos or your kids. Forgetting those important items will definitely put a little damper on your holiday spirit.  

“Parade of Lights”
Friday, December 2nd | 7:00 pm | 901 Main St. | Louisville
The best part of this event could very well be the Living Nativity Scene happening an hour before the 7:00 pm parade start. Live animals and a live choir will be present to get attendees in the spirit. The parade route runs along Main St, which happens to be my favorite street in Louisville. Stop in at nearby Lucky Pie for a pint and some delicious pizza before you head out to watch the parade festivities.

“Lights of December Parade”
Saturday, December 3rd | 6 pm | Pearl St. Mall| Boulder
Boulder’s, “Lights of December Parade” is in its 24th year, so you know it’s going to be good. Post up along the historic Pearl St. Mall and watch as over 50 festive floats, fire trucks, the Farview and Boulder High School marching bands and even St. Nick parade along Broadway, spreading holiday joy throughout the crowd.

“Parade of Lights”
Saturday, December 3rd | 6:30 pm | Main St. | Lyons
This parade of lights is by far my favorite local holiday parade. Sure I might be a little bias due to my Lyons upbringing, but any December parade that ends with fireworks is alright with me! Check out live music in Sandstone Park before the parade, and join parade-goers as they take over Main St. to watch the finale fireworks show.

“Longmont Lights”
Friday & Saturday, December 9th & 10th | 5-8 pm | Longmont
Longmont is throwing the mac-daddy of holiday kick-off celebrations this year, by throwing a holiday party that’s so big, two days are needed to make it all happen! Start off by checking out the stunning lights in Roosevelt Park along with free hot cocoa, reindeer visits (real ones, no joke), trolley rides, carolers and ice carving. That’s some serious holiday business. Then check out the “Lights on Parade” at 5 pm on Saturday night, followed by a fireworks display at 6:30 pm. Longmont doesn’t mess around when it comes to the holiday spirit!

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