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Open Enrollment Terminology


When parents begin to examine the options in education, they usually find the process is a total education in and of itself. We set out to translate the language of academics.

* Differentiated Education

Teaching students with different abilities through appropriate and distinct ways that benefit each child individually. You can find differentiated education focus schools throughout the area.

* Pre-advanced Placement

Developing skills and knowledge that prepare students for rigorous academic programming and intensive scholarly engagement.

* Advanced Placement

Known as AP, these courses are focused on intensive academic rigor and can help high school students earn college credits. Instead of encouraging rote memorization, AP classes encourage engagement with discussions, problem solving, collaboration and writing clearly and persuasively.

* International Baccalaureate

This challenging curriculum works to build intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills to prepare kids for a continually globalizing world.

* Integrated Arts

A curriculum that allows teachers and educators to blend music, drama, storytelling, poetry, creative movement, dance, technology and visual art into the district’s curriculum.


Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement: This type of focus school or programming promotes a high level of literacy in mathematics, technology and science, and helps students who want to pursue further study in these areas.

* Core Knowledge

This early education curriculum focuses on sequencing lessons so children continue to build on a core set of knowledge and skills.

* Montessori

A Montessori education supports natural development and helps students’ creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and time-management skills. Classrooms have a mix of age groups; individualization and self choice are commonplace, and students enjoy uninterrupted concentration.


Short for talented and gifted, students are given chances to expand their education on specific topics, do independent study or gather for conversation and debate. Can include flexible grouping or cluster grouping to gather students by ability. Students must prove to the district they are gifted and talented.

* Classical

A classical education focuses on the tried and true, and not the latest. The curriculum is based on the schools of yore, focusing on upholding the standards of correctness, logic, beauty and importance that is fundamental to the liberal arts.


Carolyn Janssen of Peak to Peak Charter School says the best tip for any parent is to attend open-enrollment sessions or tours at potential schools. Get inside the school, meet the principal, talk to students, feel the vibe and ask a lot of questions. You can find schedules for all open enrollment meetings on district websites.


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