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The Bolder Life: Wedding Planning 101


If you are like my older sister, then you came away with more than a couple of gift certificates and a food coma from the holidays. You also came away with a fiancé and the opportunity to flood your social media feeds with pictures of the perfect ring and individual thank you responses to all of the well wishes pouring in. (Congrats again, Brianne!)

So that’s cool. You’re engaged. And now that the holiday hype is officially a thing of the past,  it’s time for you to get serious about your future. There’s a good chance that you’ve already started planning. Which is great. Because the first thing that people are going to ask you once they finish fawning over your perfect ring and giving you a solid congratulatory hand-shake—is “how’s the planning going?” and “when’s the big day?” With so many people asking you such hard-hitting questions right off of the bat, it’s hard not to feel pressured to jump straight into the planning and start trying to sort out the perfect vision of you and your partner’s idea of wedding day bliss.

So instead of jumping feet first into a world of stress and panic, check out this upcoming, local bridal show in Boulder. Find some direction. Get some ideas. Taste some delicious food. You’ll be happy that you did. You might even find your perfect venue! Which, next to finding the perfect partner and the perfect dress, is pretty much the most exciting thing about planning your perfect wedding.

The 15th Annual Boulder Wedding Showcase
Sunday, January 29th | 11 am – 3 pm

Wedding showcases are hands down the best way to get a sense of exactly what type of wedding details fit your style. This popular Boulder Wedding Showcase will give you an idea of the different culinary and photography companies that you can book in Boulder County. Sample food, check out photographer’s portfolios, listen to some live jazz music, and possibly find your perfect venue. The showcase will be hosted by the Boulder Theater and Rembrandt Yard, and you’ll get a good look at the space and the chance to ask the experts any questions that you might have about either venue. Maybe the funky, historic Boulder Theater, with its giant full bar and unique decorations is the perfect venue for you. Or maybe you’re the artsy type. Incorporate a little hipster into your big day and book a venue with tons of windows, tons of light, beautiful and serene décor and local artwork covering the walls. Either way, follow this link and mark this Sunday in your special wedding planning calendar today!

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