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Boulder man’s illegal eating binge costs Alfalfa’s Market $1,000


Talk about a case of the munchies.

Boulder police on Saturday arrested a man they caught in Alfalfa’s Market at 3 a.m. giving in to a serious grazing binge. Twenty-seven-year-old Anthony Nathaniel Tornowski is accused of “eating or destroying about $1,000 worth of food,” according to the Daily Camera. The article didn’t mention whether or not he was stoned, as a pantry raid of that scale might indicate, but notes that police believe he’d been drinking.

Tornowski most likey entered the store through an unlocked door and helped himself to prepared food in the display case, scarfing on sushi, muffins, potato salad and roasted chicken. Alerted by a motion alarm, the cops caught him hiding in the deli a mere four minutes after he entered the store. Enter this guy in an eating contest.

The Camera reports that Tornowski told police that he’d entered the store with another person—someone called “Jeff”—but no one else was found and surveillance videotape showed that he gave in to his cravings all on his own. Food was found scattered throughout the store.

He was arrested on suspicion of second degree burglary and bonded out later on Saturday for $500. Read his arrest report here.