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Liz Valles — Hear my song


Profession: Accountant/professional singer/Manager of Deja Blu Dance Band.

Hobbies: Music, hiking, riding my mountain and road bikes. Spin classes, visiting historic places and reading historic fiction. I love to sing and entertain.

Pick three words to describe you: Happy, funny, smart.

Describe your ideal partner: I’m past the point of he must look like Johnny Depp, talk like Dr. Phil and be as rich as Bill Gates. I am creative, intuitive, spiritual, smart and confident. It would be nice to find someone who is some of these.

Favorite part of being single: Staying up late watching the DVDs that I want to watch.

Three words to describe your last date: Not going anywhere.

Place we’d find you on a Friday night: Out with friends, playing poker, movies or live music.

Your dream date: An amazing all-day hike or bike ride in Colorado Rockies topped off with a great meal. Ending with a lovely night by the fire with a bottle of wine, still very interested in getting to know more about each other. 

Deal breaker: Ignoring my 23-year-old Calico cat. How can anyone walk by her and not pay props to the old gal?


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