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Matt Armbruster — Must love big wheels


Profession: Rocket scientist and super hero (aerospace engineer, founder of the Big Wheel Rally and designer of the High Roller Adult Size big wheel trike).

Three words to describe you: Sincere, passionate, fun loving.

Describe your ideal partner: Someone who can stand on their own (intellectually, emotionally, financially, socially, etc) but chooses to stand with another. 

When you are not working, you are: I’m playing. Often when I am working I’m playing. As founder of the Big Wheel Rally, the definitions of work and play really start to blur.

Three words about your last date: Unexpected, laughter, smoldering. 

Celebrity crush: Elisabeth Shue, hands down (Adventures in Babysitting sealed it).

Guilty pleasure: I will go see Prince anytime he comes to town. Shhhh. 

Great outdoors or great indoors: I’m not so crunchy that I don’t thoroughly enjoy a weekend at the Broadmoor letting everyone call me “Sir,” but it’s hard to compare to laying on your back in the middle of the Great Sand Dunes.


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