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The Bolder Life: Some Good Old Fashioned R&R


Although spring has just begun, I’m already feeling pretty exhausted by all of the awesomeness that this time of year has to offer.

Can we please talk about this 70-degree weather!


So amazing that I’ve spent every free hour of daylight soaking up the sunshine—hiking, biking taking up space on my favorite restaurant’s patios. It’s been a rough go. I struggled through my epic twenty-seventh birthday weekend. I’ve raced out of work to sneak in some time on my favorite trails. I came down with a case of spring fever. I ate my way through Denver Restaurant Week and now I’ve completely immersed myself in March Madness. (Go Buffs!) Sounds pretty rough, I know.

What I need is some good old fashioned R&R. I might even turn off my cell phone this weekend. (Yeah right). I’ll probably fall asleep at 9 o’clock every night and only eat frozen food from a box. (I can’t even be bothered to cook or clean this weekend—way too difficult).

When I need to rest and recharge, I usually pay a visit to three places—I highly recommend that you check them out:

Wonderland Lake Trailhead
This is my favorite place to go to get a little fresh air, some good scenery and a little peace of mind when a good 5-mile hike just isn’t in the cards. There’s no better place to relax and take in a deep breath than at this North Boulder trail. I typically park at the Foothills Trailhead and make my way around the 1.5 mile Wonderland Lake loop. The view of the Flatirons is absolutely stunning and I’m a pretty big fan of trails with lakes. Plus, this trail is a quick five minute drive to the Upslope Brewing Tap Room… I’m just saying.

Boulder Community Acupuncture
If I had a nickel for every time someone told me to “just relax”, I could buy my own acupuncture clinic. But since that’s not how the world works, I still leave my stress-relief in the more than capable hands of the ladies at Boulder Community Acupuncture. I always feel refreshed, relaxed and sometimes a little intoxicated after leaving an appointment. Plus, their sliding scale payment plan means that you pay what you can afford leaving your wallet relaxed and refreshed as well.

Itsera Martial Arts and Family Fitness
I can’t say enough good things about this little gym in Niwot. I started taking kickboxing classes here last month, and I’m kind of obsessed. There’s no better feeling than leaving a workout tired, sweaty and super relaxed. Itsera offers Kickboxing classes, Muay Thai classes and Boot Camp classes. The instructors are fantastic and you’re encouraged to go at your own pace. Plus, each class ends with a little meditation and a positive message for the week.

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