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The Bolder Life: 3 Things You Probably Aren’t, But Should Be Using Pintrest For


You’ve seen the buttons with that cute, little red P on some of your favorite websites. You’re constantly viewing images of things that your friends have “pinned” running through their Facebook and Twitter feeds. You’ve thought about signing up, but you’re still not really sure what Pintrest is all about.

That’s okay. A lot of people still have no idea how to really utilize this photo-sharing website.

I like Pintrest. I’m a huge procrastinator, so websites that are frequently updated with pictures of food, pretty flowers, and shiny DIY projects definitely give me the platform that I need to maximize my procrastination.

Most of the time, I feel pretty inadequate while scrolling through the Pintrest reel. I mean, I don’t own a crockpot, I have no idea how to crochet, and the last time I was looking for a wedding dress I was five, and looking for some trouble in my mother’s closet. For those of you Pintrest users, you can see how this affects how I feel about the website.

So—even though some of my crafty and cutesy pinboards might be struggling, I’ve found some new ways to play with Pintrest that don’t involve any skill, yarn, high tech cooking gadgets or a wedding in the near future.

Tracking/Sharing Food & Libation Items from Your Favorite Dining Hubs
You Yelp, share food pics on Forkly and inform the world which craft beers you’re currently drinking and digging on Untapped. So why not share pictures and reviews of must-try menu items or beverages from your favorite local spots? You’re in the know, so let your friends know which meals and beverages that shouldn’t be missing out on next time they’re out on the town. Also, this is a great way to keep expanding your foodie, craft beer-nerd status as you can track which places/items you’ve already tried.

Create and Event Calendar
So you can never remember exactly which month Frozen Dead Guy Days is held, or whether Rocky Grass falls at the beginning of the summer or at the end. That’s okay. Create an Events Calendar board and start pinning website links of your must-see list of concerts, festivals and public shindigs going on in your ‘hood. I constantly come across events that I’m dying to check out, but with so many fun things happening locally, it’s hard to remember them all! Downtown Boulder, the Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau and Colorado Tourism are a step above the rest in creating Pintrest pages that highlight local events, restaurants and things to do in the area.

Get More Out of Your Local Retail Shops
Ever wonder where your favorite local retail stores get their inspiration? Follow them on Pintrest to find out which other local retail stores that dig on and what inspires them to make awesome products for you. If you’re an athletic lady, definitely follow Skirt Sports. They’re a local company pumping out feminine workout clothes for the serious athlete who still likes to keep it a little on the sassy (yet on practical side). Skirt Sports isn’t only pinning pictures of their apparel, if you follow them, you’ll also get in the know about their favorite places to work out along with workout plans images of things that keep them motivated. Pretty cool. Utilize the Pintrest search button and search for your favorite people/businesses.

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