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Erie Candidate Profile: Janice Moore


Name: Janice Moore

Status: Challenger

Candidate: Moore4Erie.com

Relevant leadership or community experience: Arapahoe Ridge Neighborhood Watch co-founder and coordinator, created and organized AR community parties, PTA boards, founding member of the Erie Children’s Library, 9News Health Fair, Ballet Nouveau Colorado Community Outreach

What are the top three issues for Erie in the coming years? What is your plan for fixing/dealing with those issues?

1) Ensuring the Quality of Erie does not Deteriorate: Quality homes continue to be built in Erie while ensuring the taxpayers have first and final consideration in future development is important. If elected I would work with fellow board members, talk with the experts in the field, and look to our town staff for guidance in order to make sure we do not sacrifice quality for speed of development or unnecessary developer incentives. Erie already has over 4000 build able lots approved. Lowering standards to get more build able lots now is not in the best interest of our town’s future.

The recent increased attention to change the development standards concern me, because I believe changes made to a development requirements should not ever leave us with unfinished projects, projects with fewer acres of open space or parks, or lower quality projects just because the elected officials were in a hurry to please a developer.

2) Enticing Businesses to Erie: Businesses will come when there are enough consumers to support them. With 4000+ build able lots we need to entice potential home buyers to locate in Erie. This will grow our revenue base. In addition to our town’s wonderful location along the front range, the Erie Community Center (ECC) and library are two of our largest attractors for housing. I would bring to the board a motion to ensure our ECC programs are competitive with our neighbors. Currently you pay more and get less in Erie. That is not a formula to attract home buyers.

Erie has one of the largest reserves in the state allowing us to provide quality services without increasing and taxes or fees. I am for financial responsibility as well as working to ensure the residents here today can enjoy a lifestyle that brought many of us to move here in the first place.

3) Community First: I believe each neighborhood should be equitably represented. If elected, I am excited to share my ideas for community activities that include all neighborhoods.

I created, and for many years coordinated, the AR community parties each summer and fall. If elected, I will bring to the board my thoughts and work together with the HOAs and others to invite residents from each neighborhood to actively participate in positive community building events. My ideas incorporate using our parks and trails. Additionally, from a community perspective, it would be nice to work with the Erie Chamber on developing an Erie/Chamber marketing campaign. Go Erie!

Are you concerned about health impacts of hydraulic fracturing in Erie? If so, what would you do about it as a trustee? I realize oil and gas are important and necessary energy sources we rely on each day. However, our air quality needs to continue to be addressed right away. Mayor Pro Tem Cheryl Hauger recommended a moratorium on fracking and, after two attempts, it was recently passed by the board. It is important to establish the best voluntary operating agreements with the oil and gas companies possible by having frequent conversations with their representatives. If elected, I would work with the board and staff to push for any regulations not in compliance as well as ask for the best technologies available to be used on the wells in Erie. Technology now exists to drill without venting or flaring methane. The oil and gas companies should provide a gas line to capture the methane so it can be utilized and sold.

Where should old town Erie fit in the town’s economic development efforts? Specifically, what should the trustees do to ensure old town and its businesses thrive? The government must ensure all businesses have an equal opportunity to compete. Old Town has a challenge in that the main road is not a thoroughfare as is the case in Louisville and Lafayette. Adding the second phase of the community park and encouraging more tournaments to come to Erie will bring people close to Old Town from outside of Erie allowing businesses to advertise at these events. Hungry? Old Town is close by!

Where do you stand on subsidization of the Erie municipal airport? It is against the law to subsidize the airport as outlined in Ordinance 412. That has not stopped the current board from using general fund monies as a subsidy to build the airport monument sign. The airport also received a $40,000 loan from the general fund that was not paid back on time. I feel the airport can and should be a self sustaining venue.

What are two outcomes you would work toward in your first/next term as a trustee? Ensure our air is clean and our rec center is open for business!


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