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Erie Candidate Profile: Dan Woog


Name: Dan Woog

Status: Challenger

Candidate Website: woog4trustee.com

Relevant leadership or community experience: Former guest service coordinator of the Erie Community Center, member of the Erie Economic Development Council, independent real estate broker and business owner.

What are the top three issues for Erie in the coming years?  What is your plan for fixing/dealing with those issues? 1. Land use decisions. 2. Quality of life. 3. Open space, trails and wild life.

1. We must make wise decisions now and in the near future to ensure that we continue our quality residential and commercial development. The BOT and residents of Erie must come to a consensus on our vision and continue with our  Master Plan which will enable developers and retailers to work within it.

2. We will maintain our quality of life by pursuing large commercial development on the highways surrounding our community while offering space for smaller retailers near the Four Corners area as well as Old Town. This will enable our neighborhoods to maintain the small town feel while creating easy access to the shopping and dining that we are currently missing.

3. The open space, trails and Community Center are what so many residents fell in love when they first came to Erie. We must continue to support these amenities which provide a place to live, work and play as a community.

Are you concerned about the health impacts of hydraulic fracturing in Erie?  If so, what would you do about it as trustee? Yes, as a husband and father of two little ones who is raising his family here I do have concerns about hydraulic fracturing in Erie. I would have an extremely hard time forgiving myself if one or more of my family members have health complications 5, 10 or 15 years from now as a result of polluted air or water from hydraulic fracturing. I do support the current moratorium and am pleased that we are installing water-testing equipment to ensure clean drinking water. I am also anxiously awaiting the air quality testing system that we hope to have done by some independent researchers this summer. As a trustee, I will continue to support the forward thinking of the current board by insisting that we take the lead in air and water quality control measures as the state and national government continue to support hydraulic fracturing.

Where should old town Erie fit in the town’s economic development efforts?  Specifically, what should the trustees do to ensure old town and its businesses thrive? I believe that the development efforts for Old Town Erie must be at the front and center of our efforts. Old Town is an unpolished jewel that must be revitalized in order to draw more business on a daily basis. I endorse a more flexible development code with guidelines that promote the needs of established businesses as well as new ones.

Where do you stand on subsidization of the Erie municipal airport? The amenities of our town should be able to stand on their own to the best of their ability. However, the airport should not be allowed to fail due to the detriment of other amenities or public necessities. What are two outcomes you would work toward in your first term as trustee? I would work to promote our current Master Plan which is something that Fort Collins and Loveland have also done successfully. I would also continue to support our quality of life through our commercial development efforts which will surround Erie thus generating tax revenue from our residents as well as surrounding cities.


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