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The Bolder Life: Bootstrap Brewing


I have this friend. We grew up together which is why he trusts me enough not to question me when I text him an address and tell him to meet me at a place he’s never heard of. He either has a really great GPS system or a really good sense of direction because he always shows. Without fail. He waits patiently as I ask a hundred questions about the beer list and he usually approves of whichever beer I finally settle on.

He’s not a total foodie, but he’s always game to try new beers which is why I dragged him along on my first trip to Bootstrap Brewing, the new nanobrewery located in Niwot.

For being only two weeks old, the tiny tasting room located behind the Niwot Tavern and Winot Coffee was pretty packed. The mastermind couple and owners of Bootstrap Brewing were still buzzing around close to the 8 p.m. closing time—chatting with customers and doing some quality control on their product. I was impressed, and a little surprised. Whether it’s the small town love from their community or the fact that they’re putting out some pretty decent beers, it’s pretty clear that this baby brewery has a pretty solid future.

The place is definitely quaint, to say the least. The tasting room has a comfortable, homey vibe and is equipped with fabulous garage-style door that open up creating a much bigger space, and although there isn’t a “patio” per se, there are some places to sit and enjoy your beer outside in the peace and quiet and soak up some of that small town feel that is Niwot, Colorado.

While there isn’t a ton of variety to the beer menu at this point in the game, Bootstrap does have some very palatable beers including two versions of an IPA and a delicious brown ale. (Ever since I tried my first beer, a One Nut (Leroy) Brown from Oskar Blues, I’ve been hooked ever since).

They also currently have a Flagstaff Amber on tap and they’re donating a portion of the proceeds from that beer to the Boulder Wildfire CO-OP. (I don’t even have to say it, you already know how much I love a good cause that involves good craft beer).

And even though this brewery is the new kid on the block, they’ve already figured out the genius of a good food truck/tap room pairing.

I can’t wait to see what their draft list will evolve into.

And if you’re not quite ready to make the trip to Niwot to check out this new gem of a brewery, then get to Oskar Blues Homemade Liquids and Solids on Friday night and check out one of the three Bootstrap brews they’ll be tapping at 4:30 p.m. Grab a pint of the IPA, the Flagstaff Amber or the Boomer Brown and help give BoCo’s newest brewery a friendly, neighborhood welcome!

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