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Waldo Canyon Fire evacuee starts another blaze in Idaho, loses everything


File this under either “liberating” or “devastating”: A Colorado Springs woman who lost nearly everything when her home burned in the Waldo Canyon Fire, also lost what little she could salvage during her evacuation when she accidentally sparked another wildfire after crashing her car in Idaho.

When she was evacuated from the path of the wildfire sweeping through Colorado Springs, Krista McCann loaded her car with valuables (including her mother’s wedding dress) and headed toward Oregon to surprise her father. But in Idaho, she lost control of the car, sideswiped another vehicle and crashed in a field. No one was hurt, but the car caught fire and eventually burned some 2,000 acres.

McCann lost everything except the clothes on her back and what was in her purse.

But the 19 year old seems to be taking the former option in a “laugh or cry” situation.

“This is a chance to start completely over,” she told a local TV station in Idaho. “I have nothing. So I’ll start with a new wardrobe and a new car, and a new state of mind. And I’ll just move forward.”

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