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House District 11


Jonathan Singer–Democrat


Background: A former employee of Boulder County Human Services, Singer specialized in at-risk adults and children. He worked for the Denver Office of Economic Development and was appointed to the Longmont Planning and Zoning Board before a citizen’s appointment panel tapped him to complete the vacated term of former Rep. Deb Gardner, who filled a seat on the Boulder County Board of Commissioners. Although he’s served since January, this is his first election for this position.

Proudest accomplishment: “The fact that I’ve been able to show more constituents that we can really open the doors to government. … I have an ‘open mind, open door’ policy. I’d invite them to the Capitol, I’d get them on the House floor, I’d get them into committee meetings if we felt like they could testify on something from a position of knowledge, and at the end of the day, they felt like they had control over their own legislative destiny, or at least better understood it.”

On fracking: “We tried to pass a bill this year that would give cities and counties local control over the fracking issue. That bill was killed by Republicans. It’s a bill that I would support next year because our state is too diverse to really have a one-size-fits-all strategy. If we can [regulate] medical marijuana in Longmont, we can definitely do it with fracking.”

Ellyn Hilliard–Republican


The distinction: Not dissimilar to House District 10 candidate Bill Eckert, Hilliard defies GOP stereotypes; she’s a former Democrat, an organic farmer and a supporter of both civil unions for same sex partners and legalizing marijuana. She was drawn to the Republican Party as a small business owner who believes that over-regulation stifles economic growth and that “people are being taxed to death.” Hilliard is a big fan of the private sector and free markets.

Schools: Like many other candidates, Hilliard believes that quality schools are important to Colorado but believes the biggest impediment to full funding is not the clash of amendments in the state Constitution (TABOR, Amendment 23 and the Gallagher Amendment) but the Public Employees Retirement Association, the pension fund for state employees, including teachers.

Her take on the race: From Hilliard’s perspective, the choice for state representative in District 11 is clear—her opponent, she says, is “pro-government,” while she is “pro-business.”

YS endorsement: Ellyn Hilliard

As much as we were impressed by Jonathan Singer, our endorsement goes to Ellyn Hilliard in this race. The districts covering Boulder County have no lack of progressive representation and Hilliard impressed us with her pro-business stance and her liberal social positions, which puts her in a good position straddle ideological fences while also helping keep in check policies and regulations that could hamper economic recovery for small businesses.


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