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Election Guide and Candidate Profiles


2012 election guideAsk anyone running for office what their big issue is and they’ll tell you, “It’s the economy, stupid.” While most candidates agree that creating jobs and getting through the recession are key concerns from the county level to Congress, there are other big ones as well. Having a well-funded state educational system is one. Energy and environmental issues are others. Social issues like civil unions and legalizing marijuana are hot topics this election season, as is the controversial practice of fracking for natural gas (as well as attempts by at least one city—Longmont—to ban it altogether).

Wading into the fray are nearly 40 candidates in the Boulder County/North Metro region for offices as varied as U.S. Representative and CU Regent. Yellow Scene caught up with most to get a taste of their motivations, their priorities and their past accomplishments.

(Candidates we endorse are in bold type.)

President: Barack Obama v. Mitt Romney

2nd Congressional District: Jared Polis v. Kevin Lundberg v. Randy Luallin v. Susan Hall

4th Congressional District: Cory Gardner v. Brandon Shaffer v. Doug Aden v. Josh Gilliland

House District 10: Dickie Lee Hullinghorst v. Bill Eckert

House District 11: Jonathan Singer v. Ellyn Hilliard

House District 12: Mike Foote v. Russ Lyman v. Matthew Webber

House District 13: Claire Levy v. Adam Ochs v. Howard Lambert

House District 33: Dianne Primavera v. W. Earl Allen v. David Pigott

House District 35: Cherylin Peniston v. Brian Vande Krol

Senate District 17: Matt Jones v. Charlie Plagainos v. Ken Bray

Senate District 18: Rollie Heath v. Barry Thoma

Boulder County Commissioners, District 1: Elise Jones v. Shame Hampton

Boulder County Commissioners, District 2: Maureen Denig v. Deb Gardner

State Board of Education, 2nd Congressional District: Ann Fattor v. Angelika Schroeder

CU Board of Regents, At-Large: Stephen Ludwig v. Brian Davidson v. Daniel Ong v. Tyler Belmont

Ballot issues