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Readers’ Picks: Services


Auto Repair


Stang Auto Tech has a family feel to it. So taking your car there is totally like letting your dad work on your car…except they actually know what a throttle body is, what it does and how to fix it. 7202 West 116th Ave., Broomfield

BOULDER: Super Rupair

Super Rupair touts itself as the nation’s largest independent Subaru facility. Which is awesome, because Subaru is like the unofficial car of Boulder, which basically means Super Rupair is the unofficial auto repair shop of Boulder. 1309 Yarmouth Ave., Boulder



EAST BOULDER COUNTY: Chiropractic Center

of Erie

The people who rely on Dr. David Ehrmantraut, understand his abilities. From world class athletes to average Joe’s, he is all about getting results. 655 Briggs St., Erie

BOULDER: The Joint

The appeal of The Joint is
the ease and affordability of their offerings. You don’t need an appointment, and you can get four adjustments for $49. Simple! 2525 Arapahoe
Ave., Boulder





When your furry friend really needs help from a professional, that’s when you realize how good the folks are at Jasper. Dr. Dodge has a way with dogs, cats and their guardians that leaves them comforted and calm. 1369 Forest Park Cir., Lafayette

BOULDER: Boulder’s Natural
Animal Hospital

This vet has created a spectacular balance between modern medicine—surgical and dental services, digital x-ray diagnostics, on-site cytology laboratory—and integrative medicine, which includes acupuncture and homeopathy. 685 S Broadway St., Boulder



EAST BOULDER COUNTY: Mrs. Nihan, Ryan Elem

As a second-grader, Amy Nihan—who comes from a family of educators—taught to a row of stuffed dolls seated in her bedroom. After teaching for 29 years, she gets to experience the surreal joy of schooling the offspring of her former students. The trick to enriching kids, she says, is encouragement. “Sometimes, that’s all they need.”

BOULDER: Carolyn Carroll,  BHS

“Students carry a lot on their shoulders,” says Carolyn Carroll, a Boulder High language arts teacher, “But their resilience is amazing.” Beyond high school curriculums, Carroll offers her students fundamentals for living and a shoulder to cry on. Teenage life can be difficult, but if Carroll can impart coping tools, “they can fix themselves.”


Family Activity

Butterfly Pavilion

Anyplace where you can mix education and fun is a blessing to parents. At Butterfly Pavilion, visitors get an up-close experience with nature, bugs and of course butterflies. Lessons will be learned. 6252 W 104th Ave., Westminster



Date Night Spot


Need to break some ice? Take your
date someplace where you can get
creative together. Whimsy is just that
kind of place: grab cocktails and paintbrushes, and the two of you will be creating some romance in no time. Good for second dates or any other date. 500 Briggs St., Erie


Private School

Alexander Dawson School

Alexander Dawson has an incredible reputation. The class sizes are small, the teachers have advanced degrees. It’s a deluxe campus with deluxe resources and the curriculum focuses on experiential education. Not too shabby.


Public School

Ryan Elementary

Lafayette’s Ryan Elementary is a STEAM school, which sounds old-timey but it’s totally not. It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, meaning their kiddos get an education that’s preparing them for a 21st century job.


Neighborhood To Live In


We all wanna live in Prospect, but we’re too jealous to admit it. I mean, you’ve got a tightknit community with great restaurants and shops, parades, events and a food truck night. Yep, jealousy.




Familial legacies are a very adult thing (read: a tsunami of responsibility). Preparing a stable future for your kids is process that could use a guiding hand like Hartney Family & Estate Law. Their promise? To be there “throughout all life’s stages.”


Write-In Category

Best Summer Camp

Renaissance Adventures

Found somewhere between imagination and reality, this camp is for kids who want to slay a dragon, learn a thing or two about strategy or even rescue a princess. After all, chivalry is not dead. 2450 Central, Boulder



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