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Cache Us If You Can


Grab your YS and find these hidden clues within its pages. Plug in the numbers to reveal the location of a hidden prize. We made it worth your wild.


The number of ways to spend a summer day                                                            = A

The number of outfits Roxy the chihuahua has                                                          = B

This deadly sin will make you gain weight, and it appears on this page                        = C

The number of dog-ly sins                                                                                       = D

The velodrome has a ____ degree bank                                                                   = E

The total construction days of the Boulder Indoor Soccer venue                                  = F



(Check sum! A+F = 269)


LAT: 40. (D-7) (E+10) (C+3) (D-1) (C-A) (Cx3-4) (Check sum = 36)


LONG: 105. (D-7) (C+6) (Fx2) (A+2) (E+C) (Check sum = 33)