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Lafayette’s Fluoride Frenzy

Published on: June 18th, 2013

Among the myriad of achievements Colorado is known for was the discovery of fluoride. Many types of toothpaste contain this compound, which helps prevent cavities. That’s something to smile about. Less attractive was its detection in 1901 by Fredrick McKay.

The young dental graduate opened a practice in Colorado Springs, and was shocked to see many of the locals had brown-mottled enamel, though resistant to decay. Also known as Colorado Brown Stain, the cosmetic flaws were due to dental fluorosis: exposure to high concentrations of fluoride during teeth development. Colorado Springs’ water supply was abundant with the stuff.

Today, the EPA and state department put the “optimal” level of fluoridated water at one part per million (ppm). (Some proponents are more in favor of 0.7 ppm.)

Water fluoridation is no stranger to America. In fact, it has flowed through the city of Lafayette’s supply since 1952 as a means of combating tooth decay—especially in below poverty families.

The problem is that with the advent and reception of fluoridated toothpaste, many Lafayette citizens are concerned to be over-dosed—the words “Colorado Brown Stain” returning in large, 1950s monster-movie poster letters.

But opponents like Dr. Paul Connett, director of the Fluoride Action Network, have stepped up in Lafayette. The battleground for stopping water fluoridation has been and is continuing to be fought in their city council. Above are some case arguments that hold water.

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  1. Public water fluoridation is the worst possible way to deliver medicine. Public water utilities should be providing clean water to residents of their town, not medicated water.

    I would like to see this study you refer to above. The study showing people born in fluoride deficient countries lose more teeth. Because actually, most studies show the opposite is true. People living in fluoride/high fluoride areas have poor oral health, high edentulism, and high caries experiences.

    Kentucky USA – 99.7% Artificially fluoridated – says “KY has a VERY high prevalence of edentulism compared to the rest of the country” and a “greater caries experience” than the rest of the country.

    Yemen – in drinking water – 1.0 6.0 ppm – Again the shows Yemeni populations have “prevalence of caries, gingivitis and treatment needs is high”.

    Nigeria – Low Natural Fluoride in drinking water – According to again the Nigerians have a very low prevalence of dental caries.

    Netherlands – No Fluoridation – Again the says “The Netherlands now have a very low caries experience”.

    Turkey – High Natural Fluoride in Drinking Water – populations in Turkey have a high prevalence of caries experience and half of elderly are edentulous. Which means toothless.

    I do not make this stuff up. The facts are out there for those who wish to find them.

    I could do this all day, there are many of these studies showing populations that consume fluoride in water have poor oral health and a high prevalence of dental caries. I think the studies above should be enough for you to start looking at fluoridation for yourself and stop adding hydrofluorocilicic acid to innocent populations water supply.

    We should all be outraged that this continues anywhere, not just here or in Lafayette Colorado.

    In a neighboring town just south, Arvada, we are trying to remove the fluoride/hydrofluorocilicic acid from our water. Support our effort to educate our innocent friends and neighbors at