8 Questions with Paa Kow

Published on: June 13th, 2014

I know that you used to be a guest teacher and artist at CU Boulder. Do you still teach?

Paa Kow: That’s what brought me here the first time, to perform with the school. But now, I feel like I spend my whole time with the music on the tour. I do teach sometimes, some private teachings, and I have a studio in my house.

When people hear your music for the first time, what do you hope they feel?

Paa Kow: When people come to see me, I want them to remember. I want people to be healed by my music. I want them to be healed out of the music I’m playing. It’s happy music. I always get good feedback, they’ll say, ‘Wow man, I didn’t expect to see something like that tonight.’

Looking forward, what’s on tap?

Paa Kow: For this album I used a producer. But I’m trying to do it on my own, if I could. It’s going to come.

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