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Cocoa Comforts


As the rain and snow start to descend, people begin flocking inside in search of warm drinks. In these times, it’s important to know who you can depend upon for the best mug of hot chocolate that money can buy. It’s a serious business, this liquid joy is, one that Boulder County shops don’t take lightly. Here, we give you our picks for hot chocolate stops to start frequenting:A

1. Ozo Coffee

You know them for their fairly-traded roasts that coffee purists geek out over. But look to the other side of the menu (the less-caffeinated one) and you’ll find cacao drinks. Cacao, the seed from which chocolate is made, is delicious once ground into a (drinkable) powder—especially once Ozo gets a hold of it and creates their thick, slightly tart concoction. Perfect for warming you from the inside-out on squally days, you can nurse a mug of it at any of their Boulder locations. (ozocoffee.com, 303.440.0233, Boulder)

2. La Vita Bella

Simply called “Truffle,” this deliciously rich drink is sure to please all hot cocoa connoisseurs from kids on up. Picture this: a thick layer of homemade chocolate ganache mixed with warm milk and a topping of fresh whipped cream. If you’re feeling like an extra dose of the good stuff, opt for a piece of the hot chocolate cake as well. (longmontcoffee.com, 720.204.6298, Longmont)

3. Piece, Love & Chocolate

They do hot chocolate so well here that not just one, but three varieties are made in-house all season. For those who, like us, mean business, go for the chocolate shot: four ounces of liquefied ganache is met with just enough hot water to melt it. This is literally hot chocolate and literally divine. (pieceloveandchocolate.com, 303.449.4804, Boulder)

4. The Cheese Importers

Simple, yet exactly what you’re looking for when you’re craving a truly traditional hot chocolate on a cold afternoon. Step into the warm embrace of a Parisian cafe and let The Cheese Importers pure yet not-too-rich, satiny and satisfying chocolate warm you with the help of a fresh pastry hot out of the oven. Take advantage of the cinnamon offered at the bar and sprinkle some on top for a different taste. (cheeseimporters.com, 303.772.9599, Longmont)

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