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Web Beat: Clouds & Mountain, Dreamcaster, Vatican Vamps, Roots Like Mountains, Timmy Vilgiate, See To Center


Yellow Scene prides itself on being hyper-local, and that includes music. We want to make sure that as many local bands, DJs, MCs, etc as possible get the press that they deserve, so Web Beat will be a weekly online column going forward. Every week, we’ll check into Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and whatever else we can find, and listen to the latest tunes from local artists. If you have hints and tips for us, email editorial@yellowscene.com.Y

Gone Shot Silent is the final track from Denver folk artists Clouds & Mountain’s newly-released cassette titled Slumber. The song possesses a downtempo delivery which contrasts many of the other tracks on the album itself, that is until the stark shift which guides listeners home towards a finish which teases between volumes both high and low. It’s a great end to a collection which has clearly been so lovingly produced by the 6-piece ensemble. Slumber is the first full-length release from Clouds & Mountains, catch them in Denver at The Walnut Room this Tuesday the 24th.

Dreamcaster only asks to let yourself feel the funky vibes melt in your ear in the newly-released mixtape-inspired dance short 5280. Nostalga is an understatement as 70’s disco-funk meets modern electronica with some j-pop flavor thrown in for good measure. Dreamcaster’s unique treatment take audible cues from the tin-speaker portable walkmen of yesteryear as the song opens; as the signal comes in a bit clearer the bounding track demands you get up and celebrate the weekend, with or without 16 inches of snow on the way.

Vatican Vamps is a musical endeavor orchestrated by Nat Lort-Nelson who’s band list boasts such groups as The Bunny Game and Richard Smallwood. 12 Parsecs is the newest single released by the group since last year’s Aokigahara EP was released in April. The sound is made up of five members and it’s raw bass drone pushes the tempo out of the gate and is complimented by fantastic guitar and synth layering finally giving way to the vocal harmonies produced by all five band members. Vatican Vamps can be caught tomorrow with Holy Fear and Rumours Follow at the Hi Dive for only $8 in Denver if you can brave the snow.

There are some who’d say that nothing says “Selena Gomez” like the words “Death Metal” or “Screamo”. Roots Like Mountains makes a bold statement with their cover of The Heart Wants What it Wants, originally published by Gomez in November of last year. The Colorado Springs rockers did a great job letting Gomez’s song reach a whole new audience and ranks highly among other similar endeavors from musicians covering the likes of Taylor Swift or Justin Timberlake on the national stage. They play Sunday night at The Moon Room which is their last stop in-state before the tour moves on to the rest of the country.

Timmy Vilgiate is set to release Little Canyons in March of this year, currently available for preorder online. Rose is one of four tracks available for free listening online, but only one of 16 total tracks which comprise all of Little Canyons. As a whole, the album speaks to the heartbreak, depression, and struggle of the communities affected by the Waldo Canyon Fire and other summer fire tragedies of 2012. It’s a reminder that while a winter storm is threatening to cancel weekend plans that at least it goes a little further in saturating the precipitation base as much as it can. Vilgiate plays a laundry list of instruments as the album progresses from front to finish, he says that the songs are so varied there’s bound to be something to like for everybody.

Worlds Apart is the first-ever single released by Fort Collins duo See to Center. Chris Carter and John Wiberg work seemingly effortlessly together to create the track which receives major boosts from the expert world-influenced percussion work backing up strong storytelling and wonderful vocal production value. Worlds Apart is released free of charge, all the artists ask is that others share their work. Well, let’s hope there’s more to back this up because it looks like See to Center may just get their wish.

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