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Returning to Litchfield


Orange is the New Black just took over Facebook. Orange is the New Black just shone a lot of sunshine on our very average days. Orange is the New Black just made the two month wait until June seem like an eternity. O

Netflix has us wrapped around it’s very powerful finger, and, like a sadist, is sitting back and laughing as we squirm at our desks watching the new two minute trailer. It’s been nearly a year since we binge-watched the ladies of Litchfield Penitentiary navigate their way through the prison life, and these next two months of waiting just seem cruel, Netflix. Very, very cruel.

But, the two minute trailer showed us a lot of our favorite characters within the white brick walls. No one really cares about the main character, but we did get a hefty dose of Laverne Cox, Kate Mulgrow, Taryn Manning, Uzo Aduba and of course the return of Laura Prepon.

It looks as if it’s returning to the roots of the light-hearted camp we got from the first season. The last season lost a bit of that with the (somewhat) more realistic portrayal of how vicious, and scary prison can be. But, if we wanted that we would tune into A&E.

We can’t tell that much of the plot from the trailer, but we did notice the loss of Jason Biggs, some new character introductions, and Crazy Eyes returning to her likable self.

“It’s two people connecting… with four other people… and aliens.”

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