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A brief chat with UFO


British classic rockers UFO are back with a new album, A Conspiracy of Stars, so we had a chat with new-boy bassist Rob De Luca about the band and everything going on within it.B

Yellow Scene: Tell me about the album and how the band has changed since the last one…

Rob De Luca: There are three big changes from the last record. The first one is, it’s a different producer. We went with Chris Tsangarides – he’s known for his work with Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Thin Lizzy, so he’s definitely a rock guy and a good choice. He did a really great job, so that’s a big change from the previous records that were done with the same German producer. The second change is we rehearsed it live – we worked up the songs live in a room. The third thing is that I’m on this record and I wasn’t on the previous records.

YS: UFO doesn’t have any tour dates announced yet?

RDL: We just did Europe and on Tuesday we leave for the UK tour. I think we should do the US in 2015 but they haven’t announced anything yet.

YS: You’ve been in since 2008 – how does it feel to step into a band with such a history?

RDL: I think I bring a lot of solidity and character to the bass playing. That’s definitely my strength. Those are simple but very important aspects of being a rock bass player.

YS: What had you done before?

RDL: I’ve been touring with Sebastian Bach on and off for the last ten years, I’m an original member of a band called Spread Eagle, I played with George Lynch, I was a Blackheart with Joan Jett, I played in Helmet – a lot of stuff. It’s all good stuff – I feel very blessed, I work very hard, and I try to make the most of opportunities.

YS: How do you see the band progressing now that you’re in the ranks?

RDL: The guys are in their mid-60’s and up. There are still three original members in the band which is pretty impressive. That gives it a lot of honesty. It’s still consistent to their legacy. I hope we’re still going for a while. I feel that we’ll make another record and it’ll be great. I hope we have a lot of years left. This record, A Conspiracy of Stars, is getting really great reviews, saying that we’re back to the classic form of UFO. I think we’re on to a good, strong formula right now and I’m excited about it.

UFO’s A Conspiracy of Stars is out now through Steamhammer/SPV Records.


Brett Calwood
Brett Callwood is an English journalist, copy writer, editor and author, currently living and working in Los Angeles. He is the music editor with the LA Weekly. He was previously a reporter at the Longmont Times-Call and Daily Camera, the music editor at the Detroit Metro Times and editor-in-chief at Yellow Scene magazine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brett_Callwood

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