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Editor’s Picks: Hells Belles, Margaret Cho, Othello, Measure for Measure, Marc Maron and Singin’ in the Rain


Hells Belles AC/DC tribute act at the Fox Theatre

The question: does the gender of the band matter when it’s an all-female “tribute” act of a famous rock band? Does it work both ways? Are there any all-male tribute bands of female acts? So far, I’ve only found that to be the case when drag is the show type — witness The Dangles, an all-male Bangles tribute act in drag from California. But other than that… how long until we stop caring about the gender of an act as a novelty? Can’t we just appreciate the sheer ass-kicking awesomeness of Hell’s Belles’ AC/DC tribute show on its own merit? Aren’t we there yet? Either way, go see the show at the Fox Theatre, June 28 at 8 pm. Tickets start at $16.50. foxtheatre.com for more info.

Margaret Cho at Chautauqua Auditorium

There’s little about Margaret Cho that is safe. From her North Korean ethnicity to her bisexual orientation to her polyamorous lifestyle, there’s something for each and every bigot in the world to latch on to. So if you fall into the camp who finds such things objectionable, take a hike — just not one through Chautauqua Park, where Cho will headline on June 26 at 8 p.m. on the Boulder leg of her PsyCHO Tour. Fresh on the heels of her controversial spoof of Kim Jong-un at the Golden Globes and with a hilarious performance in Liam Neeson’s Taken take-off Tooken as the evil villain Brownfinger, Cho’s latest tour focuses on subcultures in which she exists and the need to find better ways to resolve conflicts therein — all still as much hilarious as ever. Tickets start at $40, head to chautauqua.com for more.

Othello at the Mary Rippon Outdoor Theatre

Another Shakespearean classic hits the stage for the annual Colorado Shakespeare Festival in Boulder. This time, it’s the story of Commanding Officer Othello, who is leading Venice through a difficult war. When Othello elopes with his beloved Desdemona, the vicious Iago architects a malicious plot against him. Suspicions, jealousy, passion and murder all explode in the dramatic and diabolical finale, which marks one of The Bard’s most famous works of all time. This is the first outdoor production of Othello by the Colorado Shakespeare Festival since 1996. Othello runs June 26 through Aug. 8 at the Mary Rippon Outdoor Theatre in Boulder; tickets range from $10 to $64. For more info: coloradoshakes.org

Measure for Measure at the Longmont Theatre Company

Check out Measure for Measure, the timeless tale of corruption, family, betrayal and love. It’s the story of Vincentio, a Duke who leaves his lieutenant, Angelo, in charge when he sets out on a diplomatic mission. However, he soon finds out his lieutenant is just as corrupt as everyone else so Vincentio disguises himself to spy on Angelo, taking steps to right all of the many wrongs. It’s one of Shakespeare’s great comedic, if darker works. Performances are free, and are offered in various locations throughout Boulder, Longmont and Broomfield, from July 18 through Aug. 8. For more info: longmonttheatre.org

Marc Maron at the Boulder Theater

To say Marc Maron was ahead of his time two decades ago is probably accurate. Though his act has evolved a bit since then, the truth is his American comedy audiences simply weren’t sophisticated enough to grok him. But we’ve grown up enough to appreciate Maron’s brooding, depressively self-aware introspection for what it is — a reflection of an aging Generation X populace starting to come to grips with the decline of Western civilization and our own misplaced sense of priorities. And yeah, he’s really, really funny. At the Boulder Theater July 24 at 7 pm. Tickets are $29.50. For more info: bouldertheater.com

Singin’ in the Rain at Candlelight Dinner Playhouse

Enjoy this 1952 Gene Kelly classic live on stage thanks to Candlelight Dinner Playhouse. Singin’ in the Rain tells the tale of a big Hollywood movie studio and the actors who struggled to make the jump from silent films. Singin’ in the Rain runs through July 12 at Candlelight Dinner Playhouse and tickets range from $29.50 to $52.50. Head to coloradocandlelight.com for more info.


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