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Hiking in BoCo


Not only is Boulder home to some of the most beautiful biking and running trails, but it also has some of the most beautiful mountains and areas for hiking.N

Leaving the beautiful Flat Irons, and traveling down highway 6, you will follow a scenic winding road up into the mountains of Eldorado Springs.

When you park at the national forest, many back packers may pass you as they make their trek up the dirt road to where they are going to rock climb. You may also pass a family with a dog or two trail hiking and pick nicking between the trees of the forest.

On a nice sunny day these trails are the perfect escape form the usual Boulder hikes and offer various trails to explore and test out.

Near the park visitors even come to set up tents and camp out. During the summer, the crowds grow on the weekends. Tourists hear about the beautiful park close to Boulder and want to check it out.

Heading out to conquer the steep hills, that lead up to the rocky ridges where climbers scale the wall, it is best to try this new adventure on week days or during the colder months when parking isn’t tight and you can enjoy the view of wild flower covered hills without numerous others blocking the view.

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