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A night out at Howl at the Moon


Going out on the weekend in Denver is never dull while under the bright, florescent city lights that over hang over Larimer Square. Various adventures await for one looking for the party, bar, or club scene on a late night downtown.G

Beginning the night either in lower downtown, up by Capitol hill, or all over the Denver area, one may easily find various fun activities.

Starting the night at a friends apartment in Capitol Hill for a birthday party on Friday was a good way to see a different part of the city that may be overlooked.

Next, we left the apartment and headed downtown to Howl of The Moon, a bar on 19th street. It’s a very different bar than the usual downtown bars such as the Tavern, Jackson’s, and View House.

All of these bars have the option of roof top dance floors. While Jackson’s offers a five dollar all-you-can-drink on Saturdays for girls, and Tavern always has free cover for girls.

Howl of The Moon was a good change from the usual bars, playing not only main stream hip hop and pop, but also 1990’s throw backs like Britney Spears, Howl of The Moon had good drinks and fun music. Having a bigger dance floor than some other bars, Howl of The Moon had a lot of space, and was not over crowded as many bars are for someone wanting to dance with friends.

Saturday night did not hold any drink specials such as three dollar well drinks or all you can drink for girls, but it was still good to check out a new bar. Of course, ordering Vegas Bombs is never cheap, so if you are on a budget definitely research to check out the bars without a cover, or with the unlimited drinks for girls.

Going down the steps to the dance floor at Howl of Moon, a live band performed on the stage. With instruments and a signer, this bar was different from any of the others in Denver. Downtown, many bars have DJs that spin music on stage but nothing is as good as having a live band which is what made this band unique.

Next time you and friends are looking for a fun night out, definitely try different bars than your usual spots. Howl of the Moon was something new and it was definitely an entertaining place to check out.

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