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Holmes case update


A verdict in the second step of the James Holmes trial will be announced this afternoon.A

After the sentencing of the death penalty, the jury of nine women and three men will begin the second part of the sentencing for the Holmes murder case.

Today, it will be decided whether the trial will end with a life sentencing for Holmes or if it will move forward to the third and last step of the sentencing.

In order for the death sentence to be decided upon during a trial, the jurors must meet three times to decide whether the defendant should be sentenced to death or not.

The trial began in April of 2014. Just last month, jurors decided if the case was terrible enough to warrant the death penalty, then they began to hear about Holmes’ life to decide if his mental illnesses caused him to kill 12 people in a movie theatre. Today, they will decide whether or not the crime was enough for him to be acquitted of the death penalty or found guilty.

Finding Holmes guilty on four of the five charges and not guilty on intentionally killing a child under the age of 12.

UPDATE: Now that the trial has finished for the day the jurors have decided that Holmes life is not worth the murder of 12 innocent people. This means that they will now move to the third trial, and all of the family and friends of the people who were murdered will now testify.

After this last step the jurors will decide if James Holmes will face the death penalty.

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