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Ian Gerber had the time of his life



The Theater Company of Lafayette is back May 13–June 4 with the hilarious comedy Time of My Life. The popular show takes place in a north London restaurant as two people celebrate a special occasion. During the course of the show, lots of conversations are overheard, family skeletons come out of the closet with a bang and several stories unfurl. Here, Director Ian Gerber shares a few things about Time of My Life and The Theater Company of Lafayette.

Yellow Scene: What drew you to this play?

Ian Gerber: Several things. First, the brilliant writing of the prolific, legendary British playwright Alan Ayckbourn. I have seen some of his incredible shows, but did not know this one. When a friend gave it to me to read, I was hesitant to do a British comedy, but after reading it and laughing out loud in so many place — and recognizing this dark, funny, honest look at relationships — I was hooked! I was also intrigued with the way Ayckbourn plays with the concept of time in telling the three different stories: one in reverse chronology, one jumping forward in time, while keeping one grounded in present time.

YS: What can audiences look forward to with this show?

IG: Audiences can look forward to an evening of up-close-and personal entertainment, and getting to know a quirky, flawed, and fallible family. The setting is an intimate restaurant, which is a natural fit for the cozy 85-seat Mary Miller theater where we perform. Some of the audience will literally be sitting four feet from the actors and will have the thrilling (yet at the same time uncomfortable) experience of listening in on conversations not intended for them!

YS: What’s next for you?
Next up for TCL is our summer play festival The Dali Follies: seven short plays about your favorite Dali/Dolley/Dolly/Dalai. All of the plays are world premieres.
Performances are July 8–17 (Friday–Sunday). Tickets for that show and Time of My Life are available at www.tclstage.org.




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