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Summer Fashion: Accessorizing With Your Ink this Summer

Laura Hobbs shows off her tattoos

Laura Hobbs
photo: Darling Creative tattoos by: Danny Bo

Whether you’re preparing for a big summer concert or you’re headed to a friends outdoor wedding, one thing is for sure — skin is in for the summer. As temperatures soar, fashionable folks in Colorado don their best summer gear to show off at concerts, parties and more. This year, the skin underneath the clothing has become a focus of summer fashion — and if that skin is inked, all the better.

There are lots of creative ways to showcase your tattoos during the summer, and now that the long-sleeve season is over, it’s time to break out those tank tops and shorts. Don’t be afraid to mix bold patterns with your tattoos either. Once that fabulous art becomes a part of your body, it goes with anything you wear and any style you chose to showcase. With summer here and concert season in full swing, we’re here to help you find the right look to show off your ink. Here are five different ways to coordinate your fashion with your tattoos, with images provided by our own Yellow Scene readers and Rising Tide Tattoo and Gallery.

Crop Tops
One of the easiest ways to show off a great stomach or lower back tattoo is with a crop top, but don’t feel limited to just any ol’ crop. Try turning your favorite summer concert T-shirts or sweatshirts into more warm-weather friendly attire — frayed edges and rough seams included. Upcycle your concert gear into something totally new and unique for that upcoming Red Rocks concert.

Lounging By the Pool
There really aren’t that many places you can lounge around with hardly any clothing on at all — except your neighborhood pool, lake or creek, of course. Find a great bathing suit that shows off your ink to be the best dressed at your next pool party. If you’ve got a full back tattoo or some great shoulder ink, you’ll love using swimsuit season as a chance to make a statement.

Leigh Palmer Salim tattoos by Phill Bartell

Leigh Palmer
Tattoos: Phill Bartell

What better way to be flirty and fashionable (with a little bit of an edge) than to pair a cute little sundress with your arm and shoulder tattoos? Don’t be afraid of bold colors and patterns here, as there is no wrong way to accessorize your tat. Strappy sundresses, halter tops, fringe, bandeau tops and other 70s inspired fashions are popping up in all the best boutiques all over town, so stock up and get a few great pieces to pair with your ink.

bridal gown and back tattoo

Alicia Benajmin
Tattoos by: Darren Hall
Photo: Becky Young Photography

Summer Weddings

Gone are the days when a tattooed bride would have to cover up. These days, all the most fashionable brides are stepping out with their ink in full view, on display and proudly part of their wedding day attire. Summer is a big time for weddings in Colorado, with the bright sunshine and crystal clear skies, so brides of all ages are using their wedding dress as another great way to accessorize with a tattoo. From low-cut backs to plunging necklines, there are so many different ways to highlight a particularly stunning tattoo, plus wedding photographers will love finding fun ways to snap just the right photo of you and your beautiful ink.

Danny Boy Photo: Darling Creative

Danny Boy
Photo: Darling Creative

Don’t Leave Out the Men
Men can be just as fashionable with summer gear and tattoos. From simple concert T-shirts with a slightly shorter sleeve to stripping off their shirts completely, there are lots of ways to let your ink speak for itself. Just take a look around at the next summer concert you attend and you’ll spy tons of Bo-Co men shirtless and inked, using their skin to make a fashion statement, instead of a label.

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