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Socially Conscious Business Guide


Blue Aspen Plastic Surgery raises breast cancer awareness through sales of breast cancer T-shirts and knit hats (made and designed by Dr. Debora Ma) to assist women with breast cancer. The office recycles paper into scratch pads, using paper that would otherwise be thrown into a landfill.
2668 Northpark Dr., Lafayette, 303.666.6336, blueaspenplastics.com

Hearing Health Care
We work with non-profits who send patients in need of hearing aids who cannot afford them and volunteer our time as needed. We strive to serve our patients by restoring their hearing to the best possible outcome which allows them to thrive in their lives again. We believe losing one’s hearing separates them from people and limits their ability to partake in and contribute to society.
1515 Main St. St.15., Longmont, 303.776.8748, hearinghealthcarecenters.com

Boulder Medical Center, P.C. engages patients in high quality, compassionate health care. We promote a healthy lifestyle through education, prevention and episodic care for optimum health….. Its concept of providing comprehensive, collaborative, integrated multi-specialty care has proven a successful strategy for achieving this goal. We welcome new patients and contract with most major insurances.
BMC- Broadway: 2750 Broadway, Boulder, 303.440.3000
BMC- Avista: 80 Health park Dr., Suite 100, Louisville, 303-673-0448
BMC- Foothills: 4745 Arapahoe Road, Suite 200, Boulder 303-938-4700

Hartney Law, LLC supports the work of the Family Garden in Longmont, a nonprofit serving families with young children. We sponsor their annual fundraising event and support their work through social media and networking. We help families take care of the baseline necessities for legal planning so they can stop worrying and start living. As Obama put it, we don’t climb the ladder, then turn around and kick it away. We help others up.
3775 Iris Avenue, Suite 4, Boulder, 303.747.3909, hartneylaw.com

Longmont United Hospital is a not-for-profit organization. Our primary goal is to foster a healthy community through education, and caring for the health of our patients through preventative care and disease management. We provide significant financial and in-kind contributions to numerous community organizations. We also incorporate green principles into our design, construction and operational strategies to minimize the environmental impact throughout the total facility life-cycle.
1950 Mountain View Ave, Longmont, 303.651.5111, luhcares.org

Boulder Valley Center for Dermatology performs a number of free skin cancer screenings and community education events a year. They recently moved to a paperless system, and they donate money and services to the Boulder Women’s Group, There with Care, the Chamber of Commerse, the Lafayette Police Dept., and the Platte Valley Medical Canter Foundation. They say that, “We believe that involvement in our community is of the highest importance and that making a positive impact daily is our goal.”
1140 W. South Boulder Rd., Lafayette, 303.604.1444, bvderm.com

Blue Financial Credit Union rewards its members with a robust loyalty program called Relationship Rewards. Members can earn Benefits, Bonuses, and Discounts based on how invested they are in the cooperative. This program is no gimmick. Since 2008 Blue FCU has returned $1.8 million to members with its annual Member Bonus. At Community Financial Credit Union each member is an owner working toward a common goal. By providing superior economic value and sound financial advice, Blue FCU creates a better member experience and stronger financial stability for the Credit Union. The Credit Union is successful, when you are financially successful.
6850 W 119th Ave., Broomfield, 303.469.5366, bluefcu.com

B&M Roofing of Colorado supports high school programs and nonprofits, volunteers and hires locally. The company recycles its paper, and uses special oil in order to go 25,000 miles on one oil change, improving gas mileage.
3768 Eureka Way, Frederick, 303.443.5843, bmroofing.com

Aesthetic Solutions Drs. Steve Zakany and Shawn Otteman and our professional staff at Aesthetic Solutions are dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy, younger looking skin, and maximize your health and well-being. We utilize leading laser and non-laser procedures, offer anti-aging and bio-identical hormone therapy treatments, medical grade skin care products and provide unmatched personalized service. Our philosophy is making positive things happen by helping people look good and feel good about themselves.
2770 Dagny Way #109, Lafayette, 303.666.1199, aestheticsolutionsinc.com

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