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Standing Rock-NoDapl Solidarity


As the publisher of YS Magazine I believe we have a responsibility and obligation to the communities we serve.

I just participated with a conference call with the Protectors at Standing Rock that included 500 other people and wanted to share the message.

• Protectors on the ground are risking their lives everyday, your help and involvement is needed.

• This is a fight that is bigger than Standing Rock, this is a fight for all of us. Anyone who breathes the air or drinks the water on earth this is who and what we are fighting for. It is about protecting all water on Mother Earth for all of us.

• Help that is needed:

-Bodies to help protest-there are several organization and individuals planning trips, please go if you can as soon as you can. Bodies are needed. However, please take time to train in Non Violent Direct Action.

-Legal, medical, financial, clothing and food help is needed.
Non-violent protectors are being arrested and charges keep changing.

We need to end the #mediawhiteout. Contact your local political players as well as media. Post on social media! Get involved in your local community, there are numerous organizations planning events.

Ways to get more information or get involved:


email: actions@nodaplsolidarity.com

Ways to get involved in Colorado:
facebook: Denver Stands with Standing Rock

Non-violent direct action training resources: