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Erie Election: Campaign Financial Filings


As we near the end of election season in Erie, it’s time to get into the details. Under Nancy Parker’s tenure as Town Clerk, campaign financial disclosures were often posted directly to the town clerk’s webpage on the Town of Erie website. This was done because they are legal public records, filed with the town clerk, subject to and almost always requested under the Colorado Records Act CORA), through the Erie Records Request system. This year those filings have not been posted.

There have been abundant accusations made regarding what many consider to be problematic contributions, including the financial backing of oil and gas interests and developers. We expect interested and intrepid citizens to read through these filings for the facts, while we do the same.

The campaign filings, shared with Yellow Scene via a CORA request, are here for public viewing. 

Mayoral Candidate Filings:

Jennifer Carrol (endorsed by Yellow Scene):

Carroll – 3-13 FCFR

Dan Woog

Woog – 3-13 FCFR

Trustee Candidates:

Christiaan van Woudenberg (endorsed by Yellow Scene)

Woudenberg – 3-13 FCFR

Adam Haid (endorsed by Yellow Scene)

Haid – 3-13 FCFR

Bill Gippe (endorsed by Yellow Scene)

Gippe – 3-13 FCFR

Barry Luginbill

Luginbill – 3-13 FCFR

Liz Liccoricio

Locricchio – 3-13 FCFR

Ira Liss

Liss – 3-13 FCFR

John Ahrens

Ahrens – 3-13 FCFR

Michael A. Evans

Evans – 3-13 FCFR

MacKenzie Ferrie

Ferrie – 3-13 FCFR


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