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Month in Review


This month started off with some high drama, as US President Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer and fixer plead guilty to 8 counts, including campaign finance violations that indict the president himself. No word from the local Colorado GOP on whether or not they still support him. His former campaign chair also plead to 8 counts, compounding the GOP drama. • It was reported that 70+% of Americans agree with Jared Polis’ Medicaid for All plan while Walker Stapleton is pushing to scrap the Colorado Health Exchange and roll back Medicaid in general. • Longmont could have the first resident-owned mobile home park in Boulder County. The owner of Longmont Mobile Homes at the southeast corner of 15th Avenue and Kimbark Street intends to sell his 36-lot property to its residents in a $3.2 million deal. The move would help protect tenants from being displaced by a buyer with plans to redevelop the area. • Arizona Senator John McCain died Aug. 25 after a yearlong battle with brain cancer. • A .62 percent statewide sales-tax increase to fund state, multimodal and local transportation projects will make it onto the ballot in Nov. Initiative 153 proposes raising the state’s sales and use tax to 3.52 percent for 20 years, which would generate a projected $19.1 billion and would authorize the state to issue up to $6 billion in bonds for projects.Boulder City Council will move forward with a controversial flood mitigation plan resisted by both residents and experts. Councilmembers were concerned with flow restriction at U.S. 36 as the plan is supposedly designed to prevent overtopping the highway during a FEMA-designated 100- or 500-year flood event.Prisoners and ICE detainees nationwide went on strike from Aug. 21 to Sept. 9, the anniversary of the uprising at Attica Correctional Facility in New York. Prisoners refused to work and some refused to eat to protest exploitative labor practices and poor conditions in our nation’s prison system.



$213 million  Savings expected for energy customers with the new Xcel Colorado Energy Plan

250 Number of jobs coming to Longmont, according to the Longmont Economic Dev. Corp.

#6 Of all 50 states for concentration of creative class occupations

30 Hot Springs throughout the state. Get ready.

5.6M Colorado population, based on recent growth



“Are you fucking kidding me? Act like a lady?”

-Colorado Independent Editor Susan Green after two Denver PD officers told her to “act like a lady” while violating her right to film the police.


“If Stapleton can’t perform the limited duties of his current office without attracting scrutiny from state watchdogs, how can voters trust him to run the state?”

-Colorado Democratic Party spokesman Eric Walker, commenting on the state’s auditing of the Great Colorado Payback, a program under Walker’s supervision as State Treasurer


“I want to be very clear today where I stand on this, as I said during the Democratic primary. I oppose Initiative 97.”

-Jared Polis, democrat for Governor, in Oil & Gas conference comments bucking the Democratic/Progressive push for stronger fracking regulations in Colorado


“It is obviously a unique time in America, and one of the things that I do take pleasure in is going back over what we’ve done in Colorado — what stuff has worked, what stuff hasn’t worked — and looking at where does that have a broader application? What are some of the lessons that would have, you know, bigger, more impact, on a broader scale?”

-Gov. Hickenlooper, hinting at a 2020 presidential run

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