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Election Guide 2018: Attorney General


Statewide Office

Attorney General: ENDORSEMENT FOR PHIL WEISER: Phil Weiser is a brilliant lawyer, passionate about defending the people, and has worked at the highest levels of his field. Robinson is not prepared for this role, simply put. Brauchler is pro death penalty and is accused of providing incentives to witnesses of death penalty cases. For these reasons, we are happy to endorse Wieser for Attorney General.

Phil Weiser (D) *

Weiser attended Swarthmore college and attended NYU for law school. He’s currently the Hatfield Professor of Law, Executive Director of the Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. He’s been the Dean of CU Law School and worked in the White House as a senior advisor on technology and innovation. He’s also served as the Senior council to the assistant attorney general as well as served as Deputy Assistant Attorney General at the Justice Department. 

Focus: “1. Equal rights. 2. Protecting opportunities for all, access to health care, addressing opioid epidemic, and criminal justice reform. 3. Protecting our air land and water.”

112: Unsure. I am concerned along with a number of community members about threats to health and safety. Our current AG sued Boulder County. I would set up a new unit to advise and guide local communities on how they can protect the public health, safety and environment. I also want to make sure we are giving proper legal advice to Colorado Oil and Gas Commission so we don’t have what happened in the Martinez case where they are being told they don’t have authority to address the public health and safety. I believe that we should properly implement the legal tools we have, and I’m not convinced that 112 is necessary. If it passes, I will defend and enforce it. There are certain situations with ranches and farms where it is overly broad. I’ve listened to concerns people have had, and I get these concerns. Protecting health and safety has to be a priority, and that’s the focus I will bring to the AG’s office.”

73: For. “We in Colorado need to recognize the level of urgency supporting our ed. system requires. More than half the school districts have four day school weeks, to me is a three alarm fire. I also recognize that school safety is a priority. And making sure we protect our public education System is important. In Douglas County, there was an effort to protect parochial schools, and our AG took action to defend Douglas County’s unconstitutional behavior.”

109 or 110?: “110 is the fiscally responsible way to support transportation spending. I’m not for 109, that [measure] would do it on a credit card.”

Housing:I will work hard to develop effective solutions to this important priority.”

Renewable energy: “Yes. I’m committed to it. My focus is what I can do while I’m AG and in office, and I will focus on that. As a long term commitment to a clean energy future.”

William F. Robinson III (Libertarian) 

Robinson is a graduate of DU Law, J.D., and is a member of Denver and Colorado Bar Association. He also attended Iliff School of Theology and received a Master of Theology, TH. M. He is currently a general practice attorney.

Focus: “No impinging First and Fourth Amendments; the right to bear arms; the right for artists who make cakes to have freedom of expression. I would end the war on drugs. My son graduated from School of Mines. He worked in Kazakhstan and picked up cancer. He has fused vertebrae in his back from treatment for scoliosis. His cancer was cured, but it messed up his system. He is on legal marijuana and opioids. The administrative state, the doctors cut down what he needs for pain medicine, and has had all kinds of consequences. His pain doctor says it’s either my license or your life, so you lose.” 

112: Against. “Oil and Gas – proposition 112 is weighing on everyone’s mind. It’s important we know where these candidates stand on oil and gas and this particular initiative on the ballot, especially if they are a district or state candidate. I Oppose Proposition 112. I am all for oil and gas production in Colorado.”

 73: Against. “Education has been a big issue this year. The 27J school district was the first in the metro area to go to a four-day week, teachers have been protesting for better salaries, more funding, smaller classroom sizes. The public employees retirement fund (PERA) is abysmally underfunded.”

109 or 110?: “I am for Proposition 109, the Fix Our Damn Roads initiative. I am against Proposition 110. The Legislature needs to allocate the money it receives and fix the damn roads.”

Housing: “We address affordable housing by doing away with unnecessary rules and regulations that make it so expensive.”

Renewable energy: “I’m against subsidizing businesses. I’m against any subsidies to any industry, so if the renewable energy industry can do well in the free market, that’s good.  Oil, gas, and coal should not be subsidized either.”

George Brauchler

Refused repeated requests for interview




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