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BoCo’s Most Haunted Houses

BoCo’s Most Haunted Houses




10798 Yukon St, 

Open daily till Nov 3rd

Prices from $27.99 to $49.99


The Frightmare Compound is the oldest haunted house the Denver area hosts, and arguably one of the scariest. I read about how the creator of the haunted house strived to make it the best for 16 years until he passed. It is said he is buried inside the house itself. Being the masochist I am, I mean thrill seeker, I convinced a friend to venture in with me. The night was cold, and foggy, the mood was perfect for getting our socks scared off.

We entered through a pair of large doors to find a gate guarded by a zombie miner, teasing us about our impending death. After he had his fun he opens the gate leading to a world of dread. We eased in, cautious of our surroundings, bracing ourselves for what is to come. Room after room took us through a completely different world of terror. Gripping my poor friend’s arm, shaking like a leaf, I nervous laughed my way through. Fog machines left us blind bumping into beastly characters: zombie miners wearing bloody, tattered clothing chased us while shouting at us for stealing their gold. A half dead Amelia Earhart with bulging eyes, shook broken airplane pieces at us. In a run down country styled house with blood splattered walls we found a cannibal family that threatened to have us for dinner. A fun house with demented clowns wearing bloodied clothing and crooked smiles assured us they just wanted to have some fun. Shout out the twisted minds behind each character, every drop of blood, evil cackle, and menacing grin methodically placed! Nightmares run wild and take on their own personalities, the scenes and characters tailored perfectly to fit any deep dark fears.

Haunted Field of Screams


10451 McKay Rd,

Open Th – Sun, and on the 31st

Prices from $39.99 to $69.99


This epic horror show offers a classic maze, multi themed haunted house, escape room, and zombie shooting game.

We started our night in the multi themed haunted house. A man in a pig mask knocked and scratched at the blood splattered walls while we listened to instructions from jigsaw before being let into the next room. Between most of the rooms, you have to walk through the cornfield, and the anticipation of the next room or someone popping out from the field was one of the scariest details. We stumbled into most of the rooms leaving us prey for whatever was in there waiting. They would hide between the corners or in the shadows to sneak up on us at the perfect moment. Evil doctors wear tattered scrubs speckled with blood laughing while asking if we were in pain. A bus, filled with characters in masks, menaces nearby… one wearing the skin of another person, another with what looked like tar dripping from their mouth, and others too gruesome to describe.

We were terrified, but there was still so much to see, so on to the maze. We were let into the eerie quiet and I knew we were in for a ride. We stumbled in and it wasn’t long before we heard a ruffle in the corn. It was naive of us to think that we were safe being quiet. From my peripheral vision the corn began to look like people. The quiet ones were the scariest. They stepped out of the corn as quiet as possible to walked behind you, catching your attention with their heavy breathing or low muffled growl. By this time of the night we were scared witless, so doing the escape room would have been a complete fail, and our hands were so shaky we would have missed every zombie we tried to shoot. Cheers to those who can make it all the way.



Haunted Houses  & Corn Mazes

1. 3400 E 52nd Ave,
Denver, 80216

Open daily till Nov 3rd

Prices from $19.99 to $33.99


2. 4100 Grape St a,
Denver, 80216

Open weekends, 30th & 31st

Prices from $25 to $35


3. 7007 E 88th Ave,
Henderson, 80640

Open Tue – Sun

Prices from $19.99 to $33.99


4. 10500 W Bowles Ave,
Littleton, 80127

Open Tue – Sun

Prices from $18 to $25


5. 6100 E 39th Ave,
Denver, 80207

Open Wed – Sun

Prices from $25 to $45


6. 8500 W Deer Creek Canyon Rd, Littleton, 80128

Open Thurs – Sun

Prices from $28 to $38


7. 2393 W 27th St #528,
Greeley, 80634

Open daily til Nov 3rd

Prices $15


8. 3021 N Hancock Ave,
Colorado Springs, 80907

Open Thurs – Sun

Prices $22 to $52


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