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CO Yards 2019 | Home & Hood


In Boulder County, it seems that front-porch-sittin’ is an Olympic sport, so why not step your lawn’s game up with a couple of trends that can benefit both your bank account and the environment?

Whether you’re looking for a lawn environment that decreases your carbon foot-print, such as composite decks, a yard garden that doesn’t waste time, money and water, such as Xeriscape Landscaping, or a relaxing ambiance for the whole family, such as water features, Boulder County has plenty of options for all the landscaping accessories you desire. Now is the time for exploring trends that are both economically and environmentally friendly.

In 2019, trends change more often than the seasons. And I’m not talking denim jackets and combat boots;  I’m talking landscape and décor.

Composite Decks

This decking method is growing in popularity faster than any wood deck alternative on the marketplace. The customizable features of composite decking allow manufacturers to replicate the style of glamorous hardwood decks, but maintain flexible options the homeowner would usually not be given with the classic hardwood style.

Composite decking is a man-made structure comprised of recycled plastic and wood fibers. Due to the durability of the recycled materials, composite deck’s lifespan is increased drastically when compared to traditional wood decks. Moreover, they do not demand the maintenance of traditional decks such as staining, sealing and board replacement.

The only con is the primary cost. Yes, composite porches are pretty pricey at first glance, but when considering the expiration date and upkeep of these decks, the lifespan makes up for the early investment. According to Square Root Construction in Boulder, a composite deck can add worth to your home while also being a place for entertainment and leisure.

Custom Ponds, Waterfalls, and Fountains

Water features provide an element of springtime beauty year-round. These designs implement peaceful sounds that are guaranteed to make your yard feel like paradise. According to One Earth Design & Landscape Boulder, a well planned out and assembled water feature is quite easy to maintain while still bringing an exciting new element to your yard. The result of these components is a stress free, calming, and reflective setting for friends and family.

One Earth Design also explained how they utilize technical advancements such as sand backwash filters, aeration, and ultra-violet lights combined with natural features like water, shade, fish, and plants to create aesthetically pleasing and easily maintained lawn decor.

Xeriscape Landscaping

Xeriscaping is becoming more popular by the minute, for good reason. Originally, this type of landscaping was intended for places prone to drought, or where water conservation is taken seriously. Here’s how it works; Xeriscaping allows the homeowner to use various plants that require less water maintenance, creating a lawn that is easier to keep thriving, as well as save water that you would otherwise be wasting to keep up with your neighbor’s turf grass.

This type of landscaping doesn’t just target a small demographic of plants or specific looks, Xeriscaping is a compilation of techniques that help conserve water while saving money and time to create a beautiful lawn. Colorado WaterWise has put together a list of principles Xeriscape landscapers should abide by:

  • Plan and design with water conservation and aesthetics as your main priorities; a good plan makes it easier to complete your project.
  • Create practical turf areas of controllable size.
  • Select low-water plants and organize according to water needs. You may need to adjust how often to water after experimenting with different levels.
  • Use soil amendments while planting; composite is the best choice.
  • Use mulches to minimize evaporation.
  • Irrigate efficiently by applying the right amount of water when necessary.
  • Maintain the landscape properly by performing chores such as fertilizing, weeding, pruning and mowing.