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Boulder County First Bite Triple Punch: Delicious Dishes, Community, and Philanthropy


Boulder County Restaurant Week is here! From Friday, November 8th through Saturday November 16th.

Image by First Bite

The premise of a restaurant week is as follows: One or sometimes two weeks a year, restaurants sign up to offer a fixed menu, inviting curious diners in for a 3 or 4 course meal at a lower price point.

There are restaurant week cheerleaders like Tim Zagat. Zagat, in a 2010 Atlantic article claims they’re a win-win for customer and proprietor. “Once in the door, patrons very often go à la carte, add an extra dessert, or celebrate by buying wine with their meal. The amount actually spent is thus usually far more than the prix fixe price.”

Our answer: Do not miss this year’s Boulder County Restaurant Week. Were we wowed by the decision to let restaurants choose whether to offer a $29 or $49 three-course meal? It’s appreciated. So, what then?

No other restaurant week contenders have Jessica Benjamin at the helm. Benjamin, owner of First Bite, has married chefs’ passions with her philanthropic chops and planning prowess to create a one of a kind experience.

Midway through BOCO Restaurant Week, Tuesday, November 12th, diners have a chance to donate $2 (or more) through the Two on Tuesday campaign to any one of five area nonprofits.  Benjamin, a “connector” before Malcolm Gladwell coined the term, has secured commitments from Cured, Elton R Construction, Native Edge Landscaping and two private donors to match diner’s contributions. 

Each local nonprofit partner was carefully selected for the part they play in the food cycle. From farming to area artists and creatives, education and sustainability, and conservation and waste reduction.

The final nonprofit partner, Sister Carmen Community Center, provides a comprehensive approach to supporting those in need of the basics: housing, food, utilities and clothing.

Grassroots is usually applied to the political ground game but in Benjamin’s version, these roots began growing in the soil of Boulder County, were harvested by local farmers, and transformed into a delicious dish by chefs to satisfy hungry diners with education and philanthropy.

Check out participating restaurants and peruse menus online at FirstBiteBoulder.com. Nearly 40% of restaurants have uploaded their menus and a few more additions may be added so check back before you make your reservation directly.

You have no idea how hungry we are now.