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If Your Ma Can’t Go To The Spa, Bring the Spa to Your Ma: Mother’s Day Gifts to Create Peace and Sanctuary at Home

If Your Ma Can’t Go To The Spa, Bring the Spa to Your Ma: Mother’s Day Gifts to Create Peace and Sanctuary at Home




I love the esthetic of spas. They are tranquil environments, dedicated to the senses. The best spas create space that supports us turning inward where our inner peace resides. They are an immersive sensory art experience and our nervous system is the canvas. Spa directors know which colors, textures, smells, and sounds will bring calmness to our being. Spa therapists are trained to personalize their tones of voice, their touch, and the products they use to help you, specifically, let go of stress and tension.

We could all use a little spa time. Do you know who would appreciate spa time a lot? Moms give us so much of their time, focus, and energy, often placing their own needs on the back burner. It’s no wonder that the gift of spa is such a popular Mother’s Day way to say that we see our mothers and appreciate the effort they put into helping us grow in ways we both know, and perhaps might never know.

In recent times, as we have all been confined to our homes, and our external places of sanctuary have been temporarily shuttered, spas have been taking their expertise to social media to offer us tips on how to create our own worlds of calm in our very own homes. We reached out to a few of our favorite local spas, Jalan Facial Spa, and The Dragontree, to delve into their treasure trove of tutorials and tools to bring you this list of gift ideas that you can share with the mother figure in your life. And they are great ideas for any of us needing a little piece of peace. As Colorado begins to eae lockdown restrictions, those of us that can, should, stay home a little longer, per medical advice. Ease that suffering with this goodness. Note: all links open in a new tab. 


Happy Mother’s Day!



Jalan Facial Spa


Jalan Facial Spa is a lush oasis hiding in Uptown Denver. Upon arrival, you are blessed with easy parking in their parking lot. You are already relaxing. When you open the door the city fades into the distance and you are greeted by a Zen rock garden, and a wall with uplifting words written in moss, as if the very forest itself is here to boost your vibe. A spa shop chills out in the corner, letting you know that the finds within might come home with you later.

Jalan is a Malay word that means the journey. At Jalan Facial Spa, the journey you are taking is inward. Every corner is a cozy nook that invites you to sit quietly. They welcome you with nourishing teas and tiny treats. You are offered noise cancelling headphones to listen to guided meditations in the Meditation Garden while a video wall of natural environments takes your mind off of whatever your mind was on. You are invited to take deep breaths as you inhale lemongrass and lavender steam from herbal aromatherapy stations. You are given an aromatic footbath and somehow, instead of being boring, the stone wall you are staring at comes alive and shows you tiny faces in the rocks.

You are in here with other people (just like your mom might be quarantined in a full house) yet somehow you are couched in your own bubble of quiet. There is a camaraderie of solitude.

We hope that by the time Mother’s Day rolls around, you will be able to send your mother off to this wonderland. They tentatively plan to start new bookings beginning on May 11, the day after Mother’s Day. If Mom misses your sweet face, you can join her in a shared retreat.

Just before the world came to a standstill, we were able to experience their wonderfully personalized Hydrating Rose Facial for myself (including an otherworldly gemstone face massage), and a Men’s Urban Facial (dudes….a smoked Bourbon Enzyme Mask?!?!?!) for our editor. We each loved our treatments by highly skilled therapists, and felt deeply replenished well beyond our table time. Gift certificates for these facials and other dreamy treatments can be purchased on Jalan Facial Spa’s website.

However, if the world stays closed for a little while longer, or if your mom has decided she just really likes staying home, Jalan Facial Spa has an array of tools and tutorials that can bring the tranquility of Spa into her home. The spa’s online shop offers a curated selection of tools and products which are used in spa services. From the organic and biodynamic Jurlique skin care line, to beautiful gemstone tools for self-massage (which will be in the online store very soon), these gifts can be paired with video tutorials on Jalan Facial Spa’s Instagram page. You and your mom can learn how to treat yourselves to a daily facial massage that will bring the benefits of spa luxury into your own self-care routines.

Jurlique’s Rare Rose Gel Cream is better than a similarly priced bouquet of roses, and puts the power of what seems like thousand rose petals on your skin. Pair with rose quartz facial rollers and a tutorial on how they work to relax the facial muscles, remove puffiness from the eyes, and more.

Another tutorial highlights the benefits of Gua Sha massage. A Gua Sha tool is a carved, flat gemstone which can be used to sculpt facial muscles, drain lymphatic tissue, and promote circulation. Jalan offers a Gua Sha Facial service at the spa. Gua Sha tools will soon be available on the online shop. Paired with Jurlique’s Nourishing Cleansing Oil, you will soon be reaping the benefits of this sculpting facial massage at home.

These are just a few of Jalan’s tutorials that are free and available to everyone. With so many options available in spa, in the online shop, or on Instagram, Jalan Facial Spa can help you treat your mother to an uplifting, peaceful experience.


The Dragontree


The Dragontree, located on Pearl Street in Boulder, is another gorgeous haven that makes the outside world disappear. The Dragontree’s unique menu offerings of Eastern healing practices of Ayurveda and acupuncture make them a Boulder standout. Founded by Dr. Peter Borten, a doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and Briana Borten, a wellness entrepreneur, the spa and apothecary carry their formulations of highly sophisticated herbs.

We did not have the opportunity to enter the dragon and experience their Mother’s Day offerings for this article before the world closed down. I did, however, receive a Mother’s Day gift certificate from a generous friend last year. I can attest that the experience helped me feel relieved of the daily pressure of caring for others. A few hours made me feel as though I had been on a long vacation. Ensconced in the spa’s tranquil environment, putting all decision making into the hands of others, I was escorted from the sauna, to the relaxation room, to a fabulously CBD enhanced Ayurvedic treatment, to one of the best facials I’ve ever experienced, and finally to the not-to-be-missed Sangha Room.

The Sangha Room elevates the art of a footbath into a sublime experience. Seated upon a plush chair in the comfy communal space, my feet were soaked in a beautiful bowl of milk and salt and essential oils. I floated around the room with the aromas as I sipped my tea. Looking at the empty chairs next to me, I thought about how lovely it would be to be in this room with my mom or a friend, taking in this pampering experience together. An afternoon can be made of the Sangha Room retreat, when lunch and a sauna are added. What a sweet way to spend an afternoon with mom.

When the world is open again, a gift certificate for mom to The Dragontree will be a well appreciated gift. But until that time, they have offered us this list of treats and techniques from their apothecary that can be gifted and applied to our home self-care arsenal.


The Dragontree’s 9 Steps for a Fabulous Day at Home – all info can be found on Dragontree’s website, www.thedragontree.com/spas/boulder

Guided Meditation: an MP3 download of 13 meditations to settle your nerves and raise your vibration.

Peace Tea: a soothing herbal sip including rose petals, lavender, and lemon balm.

Muscle Melt Herbal Bath: formulated by Dr. Peter Borten to increase blood flow, move stagnant lymph, decrease muscle and joint soreness.

Dry Skin Brush: natural body brush used for exfoliation, lymphatic flow, and improved circulation.

Relax Massage and Body Oil with CBD: a blend of pure essential oils and CBD oil formulated by Briana Borten. Self-massage can help you lovingly connect to your body.

Dragontree Massage Ball: a self-massage tool to help you hit those hard to reach spots.

CBD Neat: 500 mg of CBD extract in a base of MCT oil, legal in all 50 states.

Muscle Melt Balm with CBD: delivers 300 grams of CBD directly to sore muscles and joints.

Muscle Melt Patches: herb and essential oil patches for muscle relief.


With so many beautiful possibilities, we can give mom a gift of calm, and return to her some of the care that she pumps out to us throughout the year. And you know who else deserves a little self-care? You. Your mom would approve.   


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