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F-Bombs. No, really…F You.


I’ve known several who have died directly because of COVID.


Some had underlying conditions, and some were just going about their daily business in response and health care. Recently, someone I’ve known for most of my life succumbed after a valiant fight against the virus. Her passing just brought so much of my frustration and sadness to a boiling point. If silence is complicity, it is impossible for me to remain complicity with the idiocy I see all around me in a society that once was the greatest on Earth.

My friends, people are dying all around us. Some were sick. Some were healthy. Some were just ordinary folks trying to earn a living. Some were just called to respond to emergencies and aid the sick. Some were just trying to enjoy the twilight of their life, while others were just beginning theirs. Over 100,000 of our friends, our neighbors, our colleagues, our family have died due to a virus not yet 7 months old. That’s not to mention the nearly 360,000 of our human brethren who have perished.


The United States has nearly a third of all deaths caused by this new virus, with more coming. Rather than rally around the response our various governments have instituted to not only protect us, the People, we have a certain segment of our population that has taken unto itself to rebel against such authority. Rather than take real science into account, that segment has decided to do what it always does – bastardize data and science to fit their own narrative.


It’s pathetic, and beneath the American spirit that has always defined us. I wonder what that soldier on a LCVP waiting to storm Omaha beach would have said if he could have seen his country 76 years later. My intuition tells me he would have seen Americans unwilling to sacrifice much to save their community. He would have seen armed protestors unintelligently belaboring common-sense public orders meant to protect the People. I have a feeling that if that soldier could have seen the present state of our society he might have said, “fuck this.” Maybe, but I’ll give credit to his character, one that likely would have pushed him on to great sacrifice despite the future idiocy of the society he was fighting to protect.


I apologize for using the “f” word, but it is the only true reaction I have to much of my society’s current status. Truly, the state of affairs in our Country is frightening. People are out of work and businesses are suffering. But that is what sacrifice is all about. Take your lumps and live to fight another day. We are a great and resourceful society when we want to be, but I fear that Greatest Generation left behind a posterity weakened by greed, selfish beyond comprehension, and unable to find the intelligence or empathy necessary to pass even a minimal muster our Greatest Generation would have set.


So, I’d like to say something to those who simply can’t understand the value of public safety orders in protecting public safety. I say this for all of those who have died or are about to die due to COVID. It’s going to have a lot of “fucks” in it, so if you can’t take a fuck you might want to stop reading. Yet if you actually give a fuck, you may agree with what I’m about to say.


Fuck you if you don’t want to wear a mask.


Fuck you if you protest because you can’t drink a beer with your buds at a bar or get your hair cut.


Fuck you for being a wet-noodled, whining, complaining asswipe who takes your life, and health, for granted.


Fuck you if the hardest thing about your life isn’t being able to sit on a beach somewhere next to total strangers.


Fuck you if the toughest thing about your day is that you must put on a mask when going to the store.


Fuck you if you think science knows less than your asshole President, or your pastor. The latter may be well-meaning, but he believes in fairy tales which automatically should discredit him from intelligent conversation.


Fuck you if the lives of other mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers matter little compared to your “Freedom” not to wear a mask.


Fuck you if you stand within six feet of me or those I love. I’m going to throat punch you if you do. After a warning, of course.


Fuck you if you think a single-ply piece of fabric covering your pie hole is going to throw you into an asthma attack. It isn’t, unless you are too sick to be outside anyway. Believe me, the rest of us aren’t that stupid.


Fuck you if you think it’s too uncomfortable to wear a mask. It’s uncomfortable for others to bury their parents, too.


Fuck you if you think the sacrifice being made by many today isn’t part of life for millions every single day. You just don’t see them because they live outside your pearly gates.


Fuck you if you think running out of toilet paper is a problem while millions of kids go hungry every single night.


Fuck you if you think your rights are being violated by stay at home orders but think “stop and frisk” was a good idea. Really, fuck you.


Truly, if you haven’t taken this moment of crisis to learn empathy for those not like you, who maybe through skin tone or birthright or living location don’t get the same opportunities as you…just…fuck…you.


By the way, if you think kneeling for the National Anthem is horrible but society demanding you wear a mask is an infringement on your freedom, you can fuck off too.


If you can read the news about the number of people dying from COVID and compare it to the numbers of people dying from diarrhea, you can fuck off in more ways than I can count.


Honestly, it’s high time those of us with more than two brain cells start demanding more from these assholes. I’m sick of them, period. It’s time we demand more from this society than what it has shown us thus far.


That’s my take. RIP to all those lost, you were loved by many.

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