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Through it all-some Gratitude.



This was a community post in social media by local resident, Haley Webster Sema, who has agreed to let us share it. We thought it to be inspiring. 


2.5 months ago our world was rocked with the news that a global pandemic was heading our way. Our kids were asked to pack their desks up as they were unsure if the school would remain open. Panic buying set in. I walked into our local store and was brought to tears. The shelves were empty. No flour, no meat, no toilet paper, no Clorox wipes, no hand sanitizer.


The look on the shoppers’ faces will be forever in my mind. I went to my car and cried. I was scared. What was about to happen and how would we survive?


School was canceled, our cruise was canceled, our trip to Cooperstown was canceled. Baseball was delayed. We were told to stay home as thousands of people were flooding the hospitals and many dying.


Neighborhoods came together. The idea of borrowing sugar became a reality again. Toilet paper was used to barter. Amazing humans began to sew thousands of masks to hand out to our Frontline workers.


Today I walked back into that same grocery store, 2.5 months later. I was once again taken back by what I saw. Masks on almost every face. People giving others space. While I can’t see the smiles on their faces, I definitely see it in the eyes. The community has come together and is determined to protect others. It was another sight that brought me to tears.


I have to give a huge shout-out to our amazing community. The love and support you have shown is incredible. We could not ask for a better place to live.

We Love Erie.


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