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The Lasagna Project | Foodie



We can all agree 2020 has taken quite a bit from everyone this year; our jobs, our concerts, and our peace of mind. Big Red F Restaurant Group is giving back by launching The Lasagna Project in order to help bridge the gap for the food-insecure in our community. Big Red F Restaurant Group joined forces with BRFeeds Our Community to make the project happen.

All guests that order, not only from The Lasagna Project but also from every single one of the Big Red R restaurants, have the option to make a donation. All of the donation proceeds are then allocated to prepare trays of food for people in need in our community. The project is well on it’s way to partnering with a variety of non-profit organizations along the Front Range in order to expand their helping hand to a multitude of people in need. Lasagna isn’t the only thing this innovative food project provides.

You can donate in $10, $20, and $35 amounts, with the proceeds going to feeding a family. You order yours and, if you “know someone who is at-risk, more restricted, or could just use a little something special… Grab an extra kit for them and make their day.” We know it’d make our day.

Screenshot, The Lasagna Project

The Lasagna Project allows you to order baskets of food that come with bread, a salad, a red checkered table cloth, a list of movie recommendations from a Hollywood screenwriter (and DQ’s son) Harrison Query, a Spotify playlist, and even the option to add on a bottle of wine from Denver’s very own Attimo Wine. The wine list and add-on options are extensive. Each guest can preorder by Wednesday for Friday pick up at Jax Fish House or opt for delivery through WeDeliver – a restaurant delivery service – each week!

As if that wasn’t enough, Big Red F has partnered up with Friends In Weed to provide meals that heal to people in need. Friends in Weed began a similar program to raise funds that will go directly to the restaurant industry. The funds raised during the partnership will go towards supporting BRFeeds Our Community and to providing meals for low income individuals impacted by the pandemic.

The Lasagna Project will continue to provide aid to people in need indefinitely with no end in sight. So if you or someone you know is in need, don’t fret; 2020 has brought nothing but hard times our way. There is no shame in the struggle especially in the middle of a global pandemic. Visit the Big Red F Restaurant Group website for more information. Don’t go hungry this holiday season: eat up, donate, and spread the word.

We should note that this is available at all Jax locations, both in Colorado and further out. That’s a lot of do-gooding and we salute the good folks at BigRedF for making it happen. Happy Holidays.

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