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Open Letter from YS Publisher to the University of Colorado and the City of Boulder

Open Letter from YS Publisher to the University of Colorado and the City of Boulder


The Daily Camera has it wrong, this may have begun as a party, but this turned into a RIOT.

I want to know, how many people will be sent to the hospital? How many people will be sick? Will all the restaurants have to shut down again? How could there be ZERO arrests last night? How can CU still be sending people to in-person learning this week? The last two times you brought students back on campus the county spiked.  (via~ KGNU).


The most recent episode saw a spike of 1,800 positive cases and everyone had to shut down. From frolicking in the creek to frat parties, CU has chosen to be an epicenter. You told us, “This time will be different”, but it isn’t.

It’s CU “Top Ten Party Schools in America”.

You knew better, University of Colorado Boulder, you knew better. What will this round bring us? As everyone is preparing to open, we have a Super Spreader RIOT at CU again. Totaled cars in the street? Glass everywhere? Assaulting First Responders? This is disgusting and not acceptable. The epitome of privilege. 


Send them home. Stay remote.

Signed~ Long-time Resident

(whose seen way too many CU Parties and couch burnings, but now it’s not funny because it’s a Pandemic.)

Shavonne Blades

Publisher/Yellow Scene Magazine


CU Boulder’s response:

Michell Byars, Daily Camera provided the majority of coverage last night. Follow him on Twitter.


via~ Shay Castle, Independent Journalist

via~ Mark Sallinger, 9NEWS (KUSA), Twitter


Boulder Police Tweet at 8 pm about the CU Riot. It started at 3 pm.

Misprint in the Subject Line


Not a “party” a RIOT. 

Boulder police forced to break up massive party on University Hill

District Attorney Michael Dougherty Statement:





CU Boulder Stay at Home Notice for Students-Complete Lock-down, Sept 2020

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