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Home Products: The Best Gear to Defend Your Home | Home & Hood


Home defense isn’t just about actively defending yourself in a dangerous situation. It often comes down to proper preparation and prevention. It’s an unfortunate reality that crime still exists; yes, even in Boulder County. There has been an uptick in residential burglary in recent years, with 123 instances in 2020. 

Overall, crime rates in Colorado continue to increase, according to the Common Sense Institute, “Colorado had the highest increase in its property crime rate between 2011 and 2020. Partly due to the pandemic, policy restrictions and resulting economic disruptions brought further stress to society, which exacerbated problems related to crime.” Nonetheless, Colorado’s crime rate had continued to climb before the pandemic hit.

We’ve compiled a guide to provide increased safety for your home by improving two key factors: visibility and entry-way security. We’re talking floodlights, cameras, high-tech doorbells, and fire-resistant doors. Read up and find what’s best for your home – and budget.

Colorado Safe Room – $15,000 – $40,000

Colorado-based. They’ll take any space in your home and convert it into a safe room. Described as a ‘walk-in vault,’ these rooms are designed to safeguard your valuables or can serve as a place to hide while the police are called. Many of their clients come with different needs, whether it’s to protect valuables or to simply sleep better at night, they’ll work with you to fortify your home to the level and degree that fits you. Their lower end builds will run you about $15-20k and the moderate builds run $20-40k.

mike@cosaferoom.comchris@cosaferoom.com | 303-909-3375 | cosaferoom.com


ProSteel is a Utah-based safe and fortified door manufacturer that might be most well-known for being ‘the exclusive manufacturer of Browning ProSteel Gun Safes’. They also produce heavily fortified doors to improve your home’s defense. The best part is, these doors look almost like any other door you would expect in your home – besides the six to twenty bolts that lock them in place. Purchase them through one of their dealers – Colorado Safes in Denver is the closest to Boulder County. Here are two options they offer:

1. Vanguard Storm and Security DoorWith concealed hinges, a 12-gauge steel door frame and outer panel, and electronic or biometric handle and lock, the Vanguard Storm & Security Door has FEMA 320 compliant tornado and hurricane rating, and is NFPA 252 compliant as fire resistant.

2. Ultra Security DoorStep it up to the next level. Twenty 1 ¼” bolts, straight brass handle, steel door, 12-guage outer and inner panels, 1” fire resistance insulation, and electronic or biometric lock that can be positioned up to seven feet away, the Ultra Security Door is the safest option they offer before you get a straight up vault door.



Ring Indoor Cam – $59.99 (on sale for $44.99)

An almost unnoticeable camera with a sleek, pleasant design to keep an eye on your home when you’re away. It comes in a single pack, or 2, 3, and 8-piece sets to allow you the set up you want and save some money while buying it. With similar features to many of their other products, the Indoor Cam comes with two-way talk, night vision, and motion-activated notifications.


Ring Doorbell 3 – $179.99 (on sale for $139.99)

This generation of the Ring Doorbell comes with more security features to allow you the ability to know whose at your door at any time. Whether you are expecting a package, having friends over, or want to see who’s ringing the door when you aren’t expecting someone, the Ring Doorbell 3 provides you many features. Two-way talk, motion detection, night vision, phone connectivity and more, allows you to protect yourself and simplify your life.



Wyze Cam Pan V2 – $39.99

With 360°, see the entire room in less than three seconds. The Wyze Cam Pan V2 allows you to secure your home with night vision, an automatic tracking feature, and 2-way audio. Whether you want to tell your dog he’s a good boy, or want to check in with family while you’re away, your home is more secure with help from the Wyze Cam Pan V2.


Wyze Cam Spotlight – $49.96

Add some brightness to your security camera and help provide visibility around your home. Providing peace of mind while walking home or allowing for more security to scare off potential intruders. The Wyze Cam Spotlight is there to provide you the security you want for the outside of your home. Weather and dust resistance, phone connectivity, motion-activated light and continuous recording means Wyze is sure to provide an upgrade to your home defense needs.


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