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MECO At Meow Wolf Denver

MECO At Meow Wolf Denver


Editor’s Note: Press Releases are provided to Yellow Scene. In an effort to keep our community informed, we publish some press releases in whole.

Longmont, CO cracker company takes large leap to further community expansion.

Isaac Olson and Shane Stinn, co-owners of MECO Coffee Collective on Main Street in Longmont, CO opened their new business model in the Summer of 2021, which also houses the production, manufacturing and distribution of MECO Cheesy Bits, a five ingredient, cheddar cheese cracker company made with real food for real people. The goal for both businesses is to bring together local Colorado artists, crafts-people, entrepreneurs and community under one roof through an inviting, attractive and diverse coffee shop that is guided by passion and love.

These five ingredient cheddar cheese crackers have been popping up all over Boulder County in such places as Simply Bulk, The Niwot Market, Asher Brewing Company, The Rayback Collective, Cured, Beyond the Mountain Brewing and more. You can also find track them moving North at Lucky’s Market in Fort Collins. Most recently, MECO Cheesy Bits has acquired an account with Meow Wolf Denver: Convergence Station, where they hope to coincide with Meow Wolfs’ mission to provide support to Colorado MECO At Meow Wolf Denver Longmont, CO cracker company takes large leap to further community expansion businesses, big and small. Having this vision as part of MECO’s mission statement tremendously solidified the relationship between the two companies and in February of 2022, the contract was executed for the placement of MECO Cheesy Bits Original Cheddar, Bacon Cheddar and Jalapeño Cheddar flavors in Meow Wolfs onsite cafe.

You can find out more information about both MECO Cheesy Bits and Meow Wolf Denver by visiting the websites provide and if you have not had a chance to visit this ginormous interactive art display in downtown Denver, than you should set aside a six hour chunk of your week, go down and enjoy the array of eccentric art styles and end your experience in their cafe, munching on some Cheesy Bits.


MECO Cheesy Bits
627 Main Street, Longmont, CO 80504

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.mecolongmont.com

Meow Wolf Denver:

Convergence Station, 1338 1st Street, Denver, CO 80202

Website: meowwolf.com/denver/

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