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Barbara Kirkmeyer Qualifies for State Primary Ballot

Barbara Kirkmeyer Qualifies for State Primary Ballot


The Elections Division of the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office announced today that Barbara Kirkmeyer, Republican candidate for United States House of Representatives, District 8, has submitted the required number of signatures to appear on the June 28, 2022 State Primary ballot.

Editor’s Note: Press Releases are provided to Yellow Scene. In an effort to keep our community informed, we publish some press releases in whole.

Candidates for U.S. House of Representatives are required to collect 1,500 signatures (or 10% of votes cast in the last election in the district, whichever is smaller) in their district, a requirement outlined by 1-4-801(2)(a.5), C.R.S. Kirkmeyer submitted 1,721 valid signatures, eclipsing the 1,500-signature threshold.

Petition Verification Summary:

Number of qualified signatures submitted 2,425
Number of entries rejected 704
Number of entries accepted 1,721
Number of valid signatures required 1,500


For a complete statement of sufficiency, click here.

For an updated list of 2022 State Primary petitioning candidates to date, click here.

A record of all accepted and rejected signatures, including reasons for each rejection is on file with the Secretary of State.


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